Yves Saint Laurent Coloring Book Explores the Fanciful Creations of the Iconic Fashion Designer

There is certainly no shortage of ‘adult’ coloring books these days, so it takes something really special to stand out from the crowd and the Yves Saint Laurent Coloring Book from Arsenal Pulp Press definitely does just that. Filled with the famed designer’s own sketches, fashion-enthusiasts, art-enthusiasts, and coloring-enthusiasts will all love this book.

The book’s line drawings for coloring are based on many of the designer’s original sketches for dresses over the years, accompanied by full-color photos of the dresses for reference. In these pages, one can see the breadth and versatility of his creations; there are designs inspired by harlequins and the Carnival of Venice, Pop Art and Mondrian, and the cultures of Asia, Africa, and beyond. Colorists will in turn be inspired to match Saint Laurent’s vivid creations, or to create chic new color combinations of their own.

With pages that are thick enough for the use of whatever coloring tools tickle your fancy (from pencil crayons and markers to various types of paint) and attractive enough that you can pull out your creations and put them on display if you don’t want to leave them tucked away in a book, this would make a great addition to your growing coloring book collection.

At first glance, the sheer amount and range of the offerings is somewhat overwhelming, but it’s that same abundance that ends up making the coloring book such a treasure when you allow yourself time with each image (carefully coloring the lines and contours, shapes and silhouettes), appreciating the many styles that Yves Saint Laurent was inspired by and created throughout his career.

If you’re a “fashionista, coloring book enthusiast,” or just have “an interest in the history of fashion and in the life of this extraordinary designer,” then you’ll definitely want to grab yourself (or a fashion-loving friend) a copy of the Yves Saint Laurent Coloring Book.