You Won’t Believe Why This Ugly Christmas Sweater Costs $30,000


Granted, ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage and you’ve undoubtedly been invited to more than one seasonal bash that required such a festive atrocity. But how much would you be willing to pay for an ugly Christmas sweater? How about one that features Santa riding on a unicorn in outer-space? Would you pay… wait for it… $30,000?

If you’re wondering how on Earth an ugly Christmas sweater could possibly cost so much, you’ll be interested to find out that this particular piece of clothing is covered in a whopping 24,274 Swarovski crystals and took a daunting 52 hours to make. Yowza.

The company behind this, er, creation, Tipsy Elves, explains they’ve “teamed up with Swarovski to bring you the world’s most expensive ugly Christmas sweater!” Mission accomplished.

But if this is a little out of your price range, they have plenty of other (wonderfully ugly) options…


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(h/t Pop Sugar; photo via Tipsy Elves)