You Can Now Take a Homer Simpson Philosophy Class at Glasgow University

Forget Plato. Screw Socrates. If you really want to get a modern grasp on relevant philosophy, then you should be studying Homer. No, not that Homer. I’m talkin’ about Homer Simpson. Seriously. At least, that’s what the folks over at Glasgow U think which is why they’re now offering a Simpsons-focused philosophy class.

“Homer is a very complex character in many ways,” Professor John Donaldson told the BBC. “He’s very gluttonous, he can be quite violent and self-interested. But at the same time he’s a character that’s hard not to like.”

D’Oh! The Simpsons Introduce Philosophy is being offered by Glasgow University for anyone who’s interested in study this fictional… philosopher?

“The Simpsons is one of the modern world’s greatest cultural artifacts partly because it is so full of philosophy. Aristotle, Kant, Mill, Camus, and many other great thinkers’ ideas are represented in what is arguably the purest of philosophical forms: the comic cartoon. This day event will explore some of philosophy’s most inspiring ideas as presented in Matt Groening’s monument to the absurdities of human existence.”

Surely it will be an intriguing experience to delve into this particular’s character’s brain.

(photos via Fox, Giphy)