One Of Yayoi Kusama’s Pumpkins Was Accidentally Smashed By a Selfie-Taker


It’s happened again! Every few months a story pops up about a piece of art being destroyed by someone trying to take a picture. Back in November, it was an 18th century statue and now it’s one of Yayoi Kusama’s spotted pumpkins.

This past weekend, during the “Infinity Mirrors” exhibition at the Hirshhorn Museum someone accidentally caused “minor damage” to one of the yellow and black glass sculptures while attempting to snap the perfect selfie and ultimately falling onto one the delicate pieces.

While the exhibit initially closed to clear away the debris, it has now reopened with the news that Kusama is sending a replacement pumpkin which is set to arrive in few weeks. Until then, let’s hope no one else takes a dive while pulling a picture-worthy pose.


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(h/t Hyperallergic, Mashable)