50 Ways to Get Past a Creative Block


There are times when you feel like a creative virtuoso, with the inspiration flowing and your skills totally on-point. And there are periods when the flow… slows… down. If you’re feeling like you’re experiencing a creative block, then you may be as frustrated as you are clueless as to what you should do to get your artistic vibe sparking again. But, no worries, because here are your solutions.


  1. Try working somewhere new.
  2. Redecorate your studio/office/workspace.
  3. Brainstorm in unusual ways.
  4. Try a new art form (e.g. if you’re a painter, write a poem).
  5. Find a new source of inspiration.
  6. Find a new source of motivation.
  7. Do some research.
  8. Try recreating an older piece.
  9. Try recreating a famous piece of art/writing/music/etc. in your own style.
  10. Doodle.
  11. Color.
  12. Create something with a friend.
  13. Collaborate with a peer.
  14. Create a piece of art with an extremely short time-limit.
  15. Create a piece of art using three pre-set rules.
  16. Create a piece of art with your eyes closed.
  17. Create a piece of art with your hearing muffled.
  18. Create a piece moving backwards through your normal process.
  19. Create a purposefully bad piece of work.
  20. Create a piece of art using only one line.
  21. Create an ekphrasis piece of work.
  22. Create a piece using free writing.
  23. Write a limerick.
  24. Ask a friend to suggest new subject matter.
  25. Visit an art gallery.
  26. Visit a museum.
  27. Visit a library.
  28. Visit a historical monument.
  29. Try to track down local street art.
  30. Go for a walk.
  31. Get some exercise.
  32. Take a hot bath.
  33. Take a cold shower.
  34. See what’s buzzing on Facebook.
  35. Check out Pinterest.
  36. Take a peek at Tumblr.
  37. Peruse Instagram.
  38. Check out a few Youtube tutorials.
  39. Read a book.
  40. Watch a movie.
  41. Watch a documentary.
  42. See a play.
  43. Play a game.
  44. Go for a coffee with a new acquaintance.
  45. Go out for dinner with a friend.
  46. Create a meal using your full artistic talents and creativity.
  47. Create a vision-board for your creativity/art.
  48. Use a bullet journal.
  49. Have a chat with (or write a letter to) an imaginary friend.

And #50…

Remind yourself that you love what you do and that you should be having fun (or at least be feeling some sort of satisfaction/fulfillment) while doing it.


(photo via Pixabay)