5 Unique Ways to Choose a Pseudonym


If you’re looking for a name to use professionally instead of your own, you could go with a few old methods to help you come up with a suitable pseudonym (e.g. The P⊗rn Name Method: take the name of your first pet and the name of the street that you first lived on and voilà, you have your p⊗rn name) or you could try out something new in order to come up with a name that is unexpected, memorable, and successfully stands out.


Check out these 5 unique ways to choose a pseudonym:



Birth Month + Fear Method

Combine your birth month and a fear you’d like to conquer. For instance, you could be August Heights or maybe May Spiders or perhaps January Darkness.


Half-Asleep Method

Place a pen and paper beside your bedside before you go to sleep at night. Set your alarm clock for just ONE HOUR. As soon as the alarm goes off, get up and right down any and every name that comes to your half-asleep mind. Go back to sleep and get your rest. In the morning, check out what you came up with.


Contribution Method

Ask your friends and family to come up with one name (or even just a word). Collect them all and match them up. You’ll not only have something unique, you’ll also have something inspired by the people around you.


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Voice & Vice Method

Combine the first or last name of the next person you hear singing in a song with your favorite vice. If you need a little help, check out W R I T E W O R L D’s huge list of vices. You could be Ella Envy or Adele Cruelty or even Knowles Malice.


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Superhero vs. Super-villain Method

If you suddenly found yourself with superpowers, would you stay on the side of the angels or would you head over to the dark side? Would you be a superhero or super-villain? Once you have your answer, come up with your own superhero or super-villain name. Whatever you come up with could be your new pseudonym itself or you can use it as inspiration and a starting off point for your final choice.


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