U.N. Ditches Wonder Woman as an Ambassador After Major Backlash


Look, I love Wonder Woman as much as anyone (probably more than most, in fact — female comic book characters, ftw!), but when the U.N. named her as an ambassador for women and girls back in October, I could totally understand the grumblings around the choice.

Yes, Wonder Woman is kick-ass. Yes, she can be an amazing idol for girls and women alike. But she’s also totally fictional and there are plenty of IRL women in the world who deserve the honor much more than a comic book (and now movie) character.



In fact, almost 45,000 people signed a petition protesting the U.N.’s choice, saying, “Wonder Woman was created 75 years ago. Although the original creators may have intended Wonder Woman to represent a strong and independent “warrior” woman with a feminist message, the reality is that the character’s current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit with an American flag motif and knee high boots… This is the character that the United Nations has decided to represent a globally important issue – that of gender equality and empowerment of women and girls…” You can read more here.

Although a spokesman for the U.N., Jeffrey Brez, claims Wonder Woman’s end as an ambassador isn’t because of the backlash, but instead because she was always slotted for a short stint, we can only hope that in the future they’ll opt for one of the many real women who are an inspiration for girls and women around the world.


(h/t NY  Times; photos via DC)