This Literary Lovers Hotel Houses 50,000 Books (and Just Happens to Be Nestled In a Medieval Town)


If you happen to be a book-lover and are looking for your next travel destination, then you really need to check out this abode which is basically a live-in library. The Literary Man (we assume women are welcome, despite the name) is a hotel just outside the walls of the historic center of the medieval town of Óbidos, Portugal.



Housing approximately 50,000 books which are both for sale and available to borrow during your stay, it’s a place that once you settle in, you may never want to leave.



Featuring a massive reading lounge, an in-house gin bar, and amenities such as massages for guests, prices start at about $90 per night, though that doesn’t include the many books you’ll surely end up taking home with you.



(h/t The Huffington Post; photos via The Literary Man)