This Artist Claims Kylie Jenner Stole Her Imagery (and It Looks Like She’s Right)


Kylie Jenner may be known first and foremost as a reality star, but she’s also the head of an incredibly successful makeup empire. Her lip kits are insanely popular and sell-out almost immediately whenever a new one is released.

But one person isn’t feeling the love when it comes to Kylie Cosmetics. That would be Vlada Haggerty, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist who claims that the young Jenner’s company stole her imagery.



Saying for a while now that Kylie (and/or her team) lifted the idea for her now-iconic signature image — lips dripping with gloss — things went totally over the top when an image came out from Kylie Cosmetics that was pretty much an exact copy of one of Vlada’s images.



Vlada popped the pics on her Instagram page side-by-side with the caption, “Really @kyliecosmetics? Haven’t you gotten enough ‘inspiration’ from me already? Left is a the work @juliakuzmenko, @brittrafuson and I shot a few months ago and right is @kyliecosmetics new campaign.” Ouch.

Though plenty of folks are accusing Vlada of copying Kylie’s work, Vlada is in fact bringing a lawsuit against the Jenner company over copyright infringement. The Fashion Law breaks down how a suit might work, but basically this is an icky situation for all involved no matter what the outcome.


(h/t The Fashion Law)