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Art by James Eade (London, UK)

From James Eade: With over thirteen years experience in the design industry I have a wide ranging portfolio of work, undertaken for a diverse range of clients. I have worked in several London advertising companies, before co-founding a digital agency. Having lead the creative department there for five years, it felt like time for a change – so I left… Read more →

Art from Laura Welsman (@laurawelsman) / Cardiff, Wales, UK

From Laura Welsman: Laura is an emerging artist who investigates subjective, sensory realities in fully immersive art environments. She utilizes installation and paint to challenge how space and colour are perceived in order to induce imaginative thought, self-analysis and experiences of the sublime. Her painting installations are stimulated by the free association of personal historic events, recurring psychological abstractions and… Read more →

Art from Max Oliver / UK

From Max Oliver: His self-taught work focuses on the wild spaces of Southwest England. He is intrigued by the varied coastlines, ever changing moors and constantly evolving woodlands. The drama in the relationships between the sea, land and sky provide a never ending source of inspiration. His work tries to capture these sometimes intimate, sometimes powerful moments that could otherwise be… Read more →

Art from Tracey Falcon (@tracey_falcon) / Kent, UK

Tracey Falcon makes work from newspaper… Rammed with information of society’s strictures and structures, the newspaper headlines – bylines – official lines, pass the stories from front line to back page, home. And behind the lines lie, and behind the lines that lie, and behind the lines are lies and behind the lies lie lines of tall, upright families gradually huddled… Read more →

Art from Sophie Gresswell (@sgresswellart) / Bedfordshire, England, UK

From Sophie Gresswell: I want to make art that will make people stop and look at the transient beauty in life that they so often see, but may have never fully appreciated. My work also explores distortion in portraiture. I like to see the effect a portrait will have on an audience when it is not presented like a traditional portrait,… Read more →

Art from Michelle (@MLHorsfall) / Southampton, UK

From Michelle: Obsessive image snapper and lover of all things creative. Forever looking for the ‘perfect’ light to bring it all to life. Wants to photograph beyond the surface and inspire others. I move on a sliding scale between ‘not taking myself seriously’ to ‘wanting to create something that punches hard’. Inspried by the times i’ve stared long at other people’s… Read more →

Art from Nick Greenglass (@nickgreenglass) / Bristol, UK

From Nick Greenglass: Based In Bristol I have spent the last year working towards my MA in Multi-Disciplinary printmaking. Much of my work takes influence from the interactions people have with new technologies and I am particularly interested in the effects of electronic culture on identity. I like to work with portraiture and construct images from various layers, at times incorporating… Read more →

Art from Balwinder Singh (@aaryanarts) / London, UK

From Balwinder Singh: I am a self taught realistic sketch artist. I started sketching in 2013 and love working with graphite pencils and charcoal. I am currently working on my theme titled ‘Poverty, Privation, Pain and Suffering”, creating several sketches to world poverty, a man made plague which has engulfed every part of our society and affecting many unfortunate souls. I… Read more →

Art from hope arts (@hope13dna)

From Graeme Douglas: I am a stencil artist and paint under the name of hope arts, I’m from Ashington Northumberland, uk. facebook.com/Hope-arts-524833090947347/ – twitter.com/hope13dna Read more →

Art from Aleksandar Basic (@aleksandarbasic)

From Aleksandar Basic: “I am interested in all areas of art and design, although I am mostly using oils, I constantly experiment with different styles and media. My motifs are people, objects and places that have left impressions on me. I find inspiration in existentialism, impressionism, cubism and most of the other isms.” “When creating artwork, I am not thinking about… Read more →

Art from Lee Campbell (@LeetheArtist)

NZ born painter based on Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, London. Lee Campbell – Artist’s Statement Originally from New Zealand where the light is sharp and colours bright I have embraced the hazy atmosphere of England’s landscapes, particularly the river Thames – with it’s tidal variations and misty mornings. The poetry of Robert Graves has provided a haunting dimension to my… Read more →

Art from Julian Quaye (@QuayeJulian)

Julian Alexander Quaye’s current works illustrate his love of ironic juxtaposition, and his interest in Victorian and Edwardian colours, with his series of human-form animal portraits. A typical example of his work is ‘The Aviator’: a penguin in early period pilot’s uniform at the North Pole. Or to put it another way, a bird that can’t fly dressed in flying… Read more →

Art from Ian Morgan (@SkullianzTattoo)

From Ian Morgan: I am an artist working in a variety of different media, primarily human skin and ink, as I am a tattoo artist, I also do a fair amount of pencil drawings pen and ink drawings as well as watercolour & acryllic paintings, I also do pyrography, and sculpture on occasion. I studied art at school and went on… Read more →

Art from Ilka & Franz (@ilkafranz)

Ilka Noggler & Franz Thomüller are a German/Austrian photographic duo based in London (UK). They are known internationally for their quirky, modern and minimalist portrait and conceptual work. Ilka & Franz describe their work as still and precise tripod photography, thoroughly planned and styled around an idea or prop and realised through colour, meticulous directing and post-production. Website – Twitter… Read more →

Art from Nieves Mingueza

From Nieves Mingueza: Spanish visual artist . Based in London, U.K. Focused in analog photography, collages, mixed media and experimental processes. Website – Twitter – Facebook – Tumblr – Instagram               Read more →

Art from Guido Oakley

By both his work and his conversation Guido Oakley has an extraordinary gift of drawing you into a world that is completely exotic and otherworldly by making it seem totally accessible. His sculptures are a reflection of the fact he clearly lives and breaths art. Guido is a multifaceted artist. He studied first at Shelley Park, Bournemouth, then Central Saint… Read more →

Art from James Eade

From James Eade: My name is James Eade and I’m a Senior Graphic Designer & Art Director living in East London. With over ten years experience in the design industry I have a wide breadth of work, including, online advertising, websites & UI, and more recently, mobile. Although the majority of my work is now digital, I come from a print… Read more →