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The Highest Paid Musicians of 2017 Will Surprise You

Making a living through music can seem like a never-ending hustle at times, but for some folks who just happen to be at the top of their game (and the top of the industry), the past year has definitely been a lucrative one. Forbes has just released their (jaw-dropping) list of the world’s highest-paid musicians of 2017, which is calculated based… Read more →

You Won’t Believe How Much Money Taylor Swift Makes Every… Single… Day

  While the 6 richest living artists aren’t hurting for money (since each is worth $100 million+) and Cindy Sherman reigns as the top-earning woman artist, Taylor Swift continues to dominate the money-making game in the music industry. With Forbes reporting that she took in an incredible $170 million last year (taking the title as the highest earning celebrity under… Read more →