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These Examples of Drone Art Will Blow Your Mind

A post shared by Drone Rich (@dronerich) on Mar 25, 2017 at 10:12am PDT   Drones are quickly making their way into mainstream photography, which has resulted in some pretty spectacular examples of drone art. And I’m not referring to the kind of performance we witnessed with Lady Gaga during the Super Bowl, but rather the wild (mostly aerial) perspectives… Read more →

Art by Julian Brewer

  From Julian Brewer: The things I make are like a big mixture of collage, illustrating, photography, and more. I can’t really explain any of it and make it sound deep or more than what it is. I just sit down and let whatever it is I’m doing come out naturally. instagram.com/ilovejuli4n     Read more →

You Can Now Take a FREE Harvard Photography Course Online

  Though they’re certainly not the first to do so (Members: Check out these 13 Free Online Photography Courses), that doesn’t make it any less cool that Harvard has just started offering a photography course online for free. With 12 modules covering everything from an intro to digital photography to lighting, software, optics and more, a 13th module is a final evaluation… Read more →

13 Free Online Photography Courses

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or are experienced but looking to sharper your skills, check out these free online photography courses. 1. Introduction to Photography and Related Media (MIT) 2. Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion (MIT) 3. Photography and Truth (MIT) 4. Cameras, Exposure, and Photography (Michigan State University) 5. Camera Control (Michigan State University) 6. Principles of Photo Composition… Read more →

Here’s Where to Find Creative Prompts on Facebook

If you’ve been looking for ’em, I’ve recently moved bohemianizm’s creative prompts over to Facebook. You can find them in the Creative Prompts folder that I’ll be updating regularly with interesting images to spark artistic inspiration. From photography to street art, shots from nature to digitally manipulated images, there will always be something new to pique your interest and to trigger your… Read more →

Art from David Gleave (@northernfacepho) / Manchester

From David Gleave: Hi my name is David Gleave. I am a photographer based in Manchester. I started seriously trying to make photographs in about April 2013. At first i started taking pictures of everything from landscapes, flowers, Bees but it soon became apparent that my subject was people. I do a lot of portraits and i like to shoot… Read more →

Art from Andrew Agostino / Montreal, Canada

From Andrew Agostino: Andrew Agostino grew up in Montreal, Canada where he worked for many years as a film and theatre professor, instructional designer and at times, a freelance writer, photographer and corporate videographer. In 2010, he retired from teaching and decided to work full time developing his craft. His passion is to combine and fashion a variety of media and media products… Read more →

Art from Elza Zijlstra (@TrashWorksElza) / Nijmegen, the Netherlands

From Elza Zijlstra: Elza Zijlstra transforms beach-trash and vintage magazines into images that tell a story. It started with a co-incidental finding on a trashy beach on a holiday in Spain and has grown into a passion for the so-called ‘plastic soup’ (the plastic that floats around in our oceans). She is fascinated by the fact that apparent useless materials… Read more →

Art from Jone Vasaitis (@jone_vasaitis) / Frankfurt, Germany

From Jone Vasaitis: Jone Vasaitis is a deadly charming, but stupidly introvert photographer who avoids to reveal her bio by all means. Each time she has a possibility to use her bragging rights, words remain frozen deep in the throat as Lithuanian nature once in a while reminds to stay humble. But artist statement is another thing.. It gives plenty… Read more →

Art from Jennifer Linton (@helvathx1138) / Toronto, Canada

From Jennifer Linton: Jennifer Linton is an interdisciplinary Canadian visual artist who works in stop-motion animation, drawing, installation and printmaking. Her style of animation involves stop-motion with paper cutouts and articulated paper puppets. vimeo.com/101131970 – twitter.com/helvathx1138 – facebook.com/jennifer.linton.art     Read more →

Art from Cheryl Gross and Marta Wapiennik (@cherylgross) / Jersey City, US and Krakow, Poland

From Cheryl Gross: Illustrator, writer, fine art and motion-graphic artist, living and working in the New York/Jersey City area. She is a professor at Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College. http://www.martawapiennik.com From Cheryl Gross and Marta Wapiennik: Born in Cracow, 1988. Graduated from the Graphic Department at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in 2013. http://www.cmgross.com https://www.facebook.com/marta.wapiennik Read more →

An Afternoon with Frenchies – Animal Art Photography (video)

The following video is a pretty convincing argument for any artist to get into the pet photography field. A behind-the-scenes peek at a portrait shoot at Zoo Studios in Brisbane, the adorableness of the process is only topped by the overwhelming cuteness of the end result. This is short, behind the scenes clip of a french bulldog portrait shoot with… Read more →

Art from L.Ammirati (@lammiradesign) / Bay Area, California, US

From L.Ammirati: Art is a form of communicating for me; it is how I tell my story. My eye is drawn to color combinations, shapes and pattens that I find in everyday life. I’ve always been sensitive to the abstract, being drawn to the oddities of life and the mixing and matching of patterns and colors. My photography lets others see… Read more →

Art from Michelle (@MLHorsfall) / Southampton, UK

From Michelle: Obsessive image snapper and lover of all things creative. Forever looking for the ‘perfect’ light to bring it all to life. Wants to photograph beyond the surface and inspire others. I move on a sliding scale between ‘not taking myself seriously’ to ‘wanting to create something that punches hard’. Inspried by the times i’ve stared long at other people’s… Read more →

Art from Antonio Páramo (@toni_pg) / Spain & Germany

From Antonio Páramo: My work talks about the beauty and bodies of the unconventional people that love who they are and don’t care about what others say about them. That’s the kind of people I love to draw and photograph. I’m specially in love with plus size women and that’s why I like to draw them so much. I believe that… Read more →

Art from Nick Greenglass (@nickgreenglass) / Bristol, UK

From Nick Greenglass: Based In Bristol I have spent the last year working towards my MA in Multi-Disciplinary printmaking. Much of my work takes influence from the interactions people have with new technologies and I am particularly interested in the effects of electronic culture on identity. I like to work with portraiture and construct images from various layers, at times incorporating… Read more →

Art from Dave Petraglia (@DavePetraglia) / Florida, US

A Best Small Fictions 2015 Winner, Dave Petraglia‘s writing and photography have appeared in Agave, Chicago Literati, Crack the Spine, Foliate Oak, Gravel, Jersey Devil Press, Necessary Fiction, Pithead Chapel, Popular Science, Prairie Schooner, Stoneboat, theNewerYork, Vine Leaves, and elsewhere. He is a Contributing Editor at Arcadia Magazine. http://drowningbook.com/ – @DavePetraglia – facebook.com/dave.petraglia Read more →

Art from Hakim Boulouiz (@hakimboulouiz) / Geneva, Switzerland

From Hakim Boulouiz: The name of my street photography serie is : Wax Dolls Synopsis: Cities are growing day after day. Life is being transformed and accelerated in the middle of modernity. In this context, the urban body is vibrating and experimenting with new adventures. It sneaks between advertising, windows, showcases, colors, prints, shadows and lights. The urban body is reflected and… Read more →

Art from Robert Rutöd / Vienna, Austria

Robert Rutöd: Right Time Right Place Being at the right place at the right time is usually associated with happiness and success. But what happens when we are at the right place at the wrong time? Do we even know that this is the right place? And what if it turns out that it is the wrong place after all?… Read more →

Art from Josh Alan (@joshalanADM)

Josh Alan was born in 1983 in a small, paranoid town on the outskirts of Houston. He studied painting at Texas State University. After moving throughout Texas he eventually made his way back to Houston, where he now lives and works. Alan’s work is expressive and dynamic. It transitions the familiar into obscurity and returns it back to the viewer.… Read more →

Art from Julia Murakami (@JuliaMurakami)

From Julia Murakami: About my works: In these images, I strive to evoke the familiar, with a simultaneous feeling of dream and irritation as a kind of subtextual glue. Here, comfort both sacrifices itself to and blends itself with discomfort, creating a fairy-talesque harmony that bears the uncomfortable logic of the somnambulant landscape. I consciously use retro imagery to encourage reference… Read more →

Art from Michelle (@MLHorsfall)

From Michelle: Obsessive image snapper and lover of all things creative. Forever looking for the ‘perfect’ light to bring it all to life. Wants to photograph beyond the surface and inspire others. I move on a sliding scale between ‘not taking myself seriously’ to ‘wanting to create something that punches hard’. Inspried by the times i’ve stared long at other… Read more →

Art from Pınar Tuncer (@tuncerpinar)

Pınar Tuncer was born in İstanbul. She graduated from Beykent University Cinema and TV Department and took her first step for her business life with the help of the occupation of editing director and executive editor.  After she graduated, she kept on performing this hobby as a freelance photographer. And also what she wants to see; she is a professional… Read more →

The Street Photographer’s Manual (book)

If you’re looking to improve your street photography or are just jumping into the area, then you’ll want to grab yourself a copy of The Street Photographer’s Manual. A medium reliant on unexpected moments is now catapulted into the future with smart phones, digital technology, and specialty equipment Street photography has been around since the very first cameras were invented,… Read more →

Art from Samuel Calvin

Samuel Calvin is a filmmaker/visual artist living a working in Oklahoma. His primary focus in his visual artwork is electronic artifacts found in video and computers. Samuel is a cinematographer working out of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. He works in numerous styles but puts an emphasis on narrative. His goal is to work with filmmakers that have big ideas and… Read more →

Art from Margaret Hyde

Margaret Hyde, a Memphis Tennessee native, is an artist, philanthropist, author, and filmmaker now based in Southern California. Hyde’s work is inspired by the years she spent living and vacationing by the water, as well as her years as a travel photographer. Her work is informed by her philosophy of mindful seeing, of being consciously open and aware of everything… Read more →

Art from Philippe Berthier (@asaphil)

From Philippe Berthier: And independent self, I consider myself a creator of images between photography and painting. I try to find a new form of expression image inspired me painters and photographers of all time. I worked for a decade film photography and digital. Today I mix these two methods to achieve my images. I also uses a scanner to create funds with… Read more →

Art from dilan (@dilanbozyel)


Humans of New York: Stories (book)

  If you can’t get enough of Humans of New York then you’ll want to grab yourself a copy of the follow-up to the popular blog’s first book, Humans of New York: Stories. In the summer of 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton began an ambitious project -to single-handedly create a photographic census of New York City. The photos he took and… Read more →

Humans of New York (book)

If you’re one of the millions of fans of Humans of New York and you don’t already have your own copy of the gorgeous collection in book form, Humans of New York, you’ll probably want to change that right about now. Based on the blog with more than four million loyal fans, a beautiful, heartfelt, funny, and inspiring collection of photographs and… Read more →

Art from Amelia Peel (@bludmittens)

Amelia Peel has an interest for anything cute, dark and moody. Drawing is what comes naturally and she has been doing so since she was a small child. Born from an artistic mother, she was immersed in all things creative which allowed her to find her own means of expression growing up. Besides drawing, Amelia Peel uses a variety of… Read more →

Art from Dimitri Vegicoff (@dimitrivegicoff)

From Dimitri Vegicoff: About Dimitri studied fine art at Boston University, the DeCordova Museum, the Danforth Museum and private teachers including David Campbell, BU Professor Jewell, Dottie Krause, Mary Taylor, Ron Brulee and others. Commissions include: The Marriott Renaissance, Detroit, MI, 40 paintings, The Marriott Summerlin, NV, 30 paintings, The Hilton Garden Inn, Dulles Airport, 22 paintings, \ and many… Read more →

Art from Anthony Lopez (@chromaanthony)

From Anthony Lopez: I invented Chromastratagraphy. A fine art form that uses photography as a foundation plus the color theory of paint combined with the processes of printmaking. Website – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram   Read more →

Art from Kaitlin Martin (@kaitlinjmartin)

From Kaitlin Martin: I use drawings, paintings, collage, assemblage, photography, digital scans, images altered in photoshop to create a mythical reality. I am interested in ancient sculptures, history, and imagery and use these elements in my work, questioning masculinity, femininity, and the idea of gender neutrality, as well as other social, economic, and political constructs created by humans throughout the history… Read more →

Art from Ilka & Franz (@ilkafranz)

Ilka Noggler & Franz Thomüller are a German/Austrian photographic duo based in London (UK). They are known internationally for their quirky, modern and minimalist portrait and conceptual work. Ilka & Franz describe their work as still and precise tripod photography, thoroughly planned and styled around an idea or prop and realised through colour, meticulous directing and post-production. Website – Twitter… Read more →

Art from Erik Brede (@erikbrede)

Surreal and Fine art work from the norwegian photographer and digital artist Erik Brede. Erik Brede is a self-taught photographer and Photoshop artist, born in 1971 in Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands, Norway. After getting his first camera at the age of 13, he spent much of his time in his father’s darkroom, and post-production have always been an important part of… Read more →

Art from Mark Polege (@mpolege)

Mark Polege is a reoccurring transplant from the upper Midwest who was introduced to photography during a stint at Clayton High school in the mid 1980’s. Though mostly self taught, photography has been a part of his life during his years of traveling & moving around the U.S. It really launched to a whole new level after a move to… Read more →

Art from Peter C. Blanchard (@PeterCBlanchard)

From Peter C. Blanchard: Many years ago, during a particularly difficult period in my life, I had an experience that shifted my landscape. On a cold walk home, late one night, I looked up and saw a full rainbow, shining brightly all the way around the moon. In that moment, all of my pain and loneliness evaporated, and my mind went… Read more →

Art from Marjan Buning

Born 1977, artist lives and works in Groningen, the Netherlands. Marjan Buning makes (large scale) installations containing drawings, photography and poetry. All put together to compose one work. She works on different projects at the same time such as: The Alien roadtrip photocomic series. Website     Read more →

Art from Alexandra Scandolo (@allyfrancesca)

From Alexandra Scandolo: Alexandra is a 20 year-old student and aspiring writer with a passion for art history, fashion and photography. Based in Toronto, she aims to capture the beauty of the city and the people around her. While currently a writer for College Fashionista and student photographer at The University of Toronto’s The Varsity, she freelances in her free time… Read more →

Art from Michaela Kindle (@Michaela_Kindle)

Michaela Kindle was born and raised in Germany but went on to study Photography in Los Angeles, California (USA). During her time in Los Angeles, as well as in London, she discovered a passion for creating “New Moments” – digital composites of visions captured through her creative lens – a beautiful fusion of reality & imagination – of silence &… Read more →

Artists Captures Musicians’ Movements in Light

You can use your imagination to visualize music or you can find a way to truly make it visible. Canadian artist Stephen Orlando has decided to do the latter. As part of his Motion Exposure series, the Ontario-based photographer handed violinists and cellists bows affixed with multicolored lights and asked them to play. These custom bows, combined with a low-light setting and… Read more →

Art from Meshes Del Más Allá

From Meshes Del Más Allá: We are Florence and Soledad Rios twin sisters, born on December 13, 1989, we painted together since age 9, we are ambidextrous and self-taught painters. Constantly we learn and study the various branches of art. We use the project methodology in our works. Found in color harmony, melody and counterpoint. And we become eternal and immutable.… Read more →

Art from Stephen Paul (@Stephen__Paul)

From Stephen Paul: Born in Texas, raised in Kentucky, now residing in California. A self-taught photographer with a preference for analog, books, & tacos. Clients/Publications: Interscope Records, Cherrytree records, Ministry of Fashion, Fourth and One, Fashion Rocks, GAP Styld.by, & Sonos Studio. C-Heads, Zephyr, Darling Magazine, Zooey Magazine, Culture Collide, White Lies Mag, & PDN Emerging Photographer. Website – Twitter… Read more →

Art from LaQuan Vincent

LaQuan Vincent was born in Queens, New York. He studied at the High School of Art & Design, and The Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York City. Majoring in Cartooning & Animation, Fine Arts and Illustration. Using abstract expression and comic-book pop art, His work that focuses on an approach to move internal feelings and mental moods. Using vibrant… Read more →

Photography from Joanne Leah (@twofacedkitten)

From Joanne Leah: When I was a child, I would explore the woods behind my house. I ventured alone, following a small creek. One winter day, I deviated from my usual path. As I walked, I heard a man shout. A pack of barking dogs ran toward me. I immediately dropped to the snowy ground and pretended to be dead. I… Read more →

Art from Nieves Mingueza

From Nieves Mingueza: Spanish visual artist . Based in London, U.K. Focused in analog photography, collages, mixed media and experimental processes. Website – Twitter – Facebook – Tumblr – Instagram               Read more →

Art from Amanda Northrop

From Amanda Northrop: I’m Amanda, a recent graphic design graduate. I draw and paint as much as I design and love incorporating my own hand lettering / display faces into my work. The next big project I have in the works is a sci-fi graphic novel. Website – Twitter – Tumblr – Instagram           Read more →

Photography from Tom Ridout

Tom Ridout is a fine art photographer and a landscape architect. He has attended the University of Toronto and completed his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree at the University of Guelph in 1980. He also studied at the Sir John Cass School of Art in London England in a visual arts program. Through his career as a landscape architect he… Read more →

Art from Jacqueline van der Venne

From Jacqueline van der Venne: My work is very colorful, full of symbols in the shape of the moon, suns, love, stars, squares and flowers. The material that I use is varied and I am such a sponge that inspiration comes from everywhere. To create a painting I make advance a powerful sketch that I use for a start. Convey emotions… Read more →

Art from Bryan Cook

From Bryan Cook: All my life I have been drawn to being artistic. It started with wanting to animate cartoons, and lead to drawing and writing my own comics. From there, the artistic journey branched out, graffiti and anime arts became a focus. Soon after high school I went to college for graphic design. Entering the digital realm… cookvisuals was born.… Read more →

Photography from Liga Skadina

  Liga Skadina‘s photographs are a place where the artist can find refuge from the world’s adversities, protected by the layer of softness characteristic of her landscapes. Through photography, Liga stops time to linger at the wonderfulness of a moment’s unrepeatability. Her pictures are a meditation, an astral travel where abstract scenes are created by overlapping concrete settings, objects and… Read more →

Photography from Pam Lau

  Pam Lau is a Toronto-based commercial lifestyle photographer and videographer who shoots assignments on phones, digital and film. She wears all back but is obsessed with colour. Website – Twitter – Pinterest – Tumblr – Instagram           Read more →

Art from Tricia Dunk-Tinkl

From Tricia Dunk-Tinkl: Physically we exist within a structure of time, feeling the ebb and flow of daily life as it passes from seconds, to minutes, to hours, to days, into years. We wake. We do what we do in between. Until we sleep. Physically. mentally. The good. The bad. Life passes within these increments of time. Five years in the… Read more →

It’s the Launch of bohemianizm!

  It’s here! It’s launch day! It’s bohemianizm! bohemianizm wants to feature the best that today’s artists and creators have to offer. bohemianizm wants to introduce art lovers to new art and artists. bohemianizm wants to introduce artists’ work to a large international enthusiastic readership. bohemianizm wants to feature all kinds of art and creativity. bohemianizm wants to feature artists from all… Read more →

Submit Your Art to bohemianizm

Submit your art to bohemianizm! bohemianizm is looking to feature visual art, animation, books, poetry, fiction, craft, comics, dance, music, painting, design, fashion, film, GIFs, illustration, installations, performance art, photography, public art, sculpture, street art, theatre, tv, video, and anything else creative! Be sure to submit your work now at bohemianizm.com/submissions Read more →

What Will bohemianizm Offer? This…

bohemianizm wants to feature the best that today’s artists and creators have to offer. bohemianizm wants to introduce art lovers to new art and artists. bohemianizm wants to introduce artists’ work to a large international enthusiastic readership. bohemianizm wants to feature all kinds of art and creativity. bohemianizm wants to feature artists from all over the world. bohemianizm wants to offer the… Read more →