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Art by Alessandro Andreuccetti (San Gimignano, Italy)

  From Alessandro Andreuccetti: I was born in San Gimignano, Italy, in 1955. I studied art and architecture in Florence then started my job as graphic designer and painter. www.andreuccettiart.it  • @andreuccettiart • facebook.com/andreuccettiart • instagram.com/andreuccettiart • pinterest.com/aandreuccetti/ • Tumblr : atelier55   Read more →

Art from Jon Phillipson Brown (@jonphillipson) / Peterborough, England

From Jon Phillipson Brown: I paint to make sense of the world around me and my place within it. I want to learn all that I can about painting. The act of painting, for me, is about making a voyage of discovery: we have to leave behind that which we think we know and travel towards the world. www.jonphillipsonbrown.com – @jonphillipson Read more →

Art from Scott Lewis (@sogolo13) / New Jersey, US

From Scott Lewis: I am fascinated by what lays beneath the surface of the shiny, clean and accepted.  An early influence was the transparent anatomy pages that when flipped, reveal intense blood and muscles. I take a similar approach in creating my subjects. I want to expose what they are thinking, their urges and how they see themselves. Born in L.A., raised in Brooklyn… Read more →

Art from Joanna Gregores / Paris, France

From Joanna Gregores: I studied graphic design and illustration in the 1970’s at The Academy of Art in San Francisco, and studied drawing intensively with studio classes at the Art Student’s League in New York. I lived in Vietnam for 10 years where I had exhibitions as well as mentored young street children in creative expression. I am currently living in France, paintng and… Read more →

Art from Laura Welsman (@laurawelsman) / Cardiff, Wales, UK

From Laura Welsman: Laura is an emerging artist who investigates subjective, sensory realities in fully immersive art environments. She utilizes installation and paint to challenge how space and colour are perceived in order to induce imaginative thought, self-analysis and experiences of the sublime. Her painting installations are stimulated by the free association of personal historic events, recurring psychological abstractions and… Read more →

Art from Nathalie Pirotte (@nathabrax) / Brussels, Belgium

From Nathalie Pirotte: Born in Zaire lives in Brussels Belgium Graduations : Parsons School of Design (NYC ,USA), master of La Cambre (B) en 1989 in painting and 3d researches. Painting teacher at Académie des Beaux-arts http://nathalie-pirotte.over-blog.com/ https://twitter.com/nathabrax https://www.instagram.com/nathaliepirotteartist/ https://www.facebook.com/pirotte.nathalie Read more →

Art from Dana Naser (@dananaserart) / Dubai, United Arab Emirates

From Dana Naser: Dana Naser is a Dubai – based artist, designer and photographer. Growing up, art was an important part of Dana’s life. Throughout her life, she collected images, experiences and emotions expressing them through her art, relying on intense colours and incorporating various forms, patterns and textures, channeling this talent through her graphic design as well as her painting.… Read more →

Art from Max Oliver / UK

From Max Oliver: His self-taught work focuses on the wild spaces of Southwest England. He is intrigued by the varied coastlines, ever changing moors and constantly evolving woodlands. The drama in the relationships between the sea, land and sky provide a never ending source of inspiration. His work tries to capture these sometimes intimate, sometimes powerful moments that could otherwise be… Read more →

Art from Rodney Mercer (@Rodney_Mercer) / Newfoundland, Canada

Rodney Mercer was born in St. John’s in 1971 and raised in Dildo, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador. He moved to Corner Brook, NL in 1995 to study visual art at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University and since then, he has been a fixture in the community and is considered a local treasure. Mercer is a full-time, self-employed visual artist living… Read more →

Art from Danielle Caron / Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada

From Danielle Caron: Born in the province of Quebec, I have spent most of my adult life travelling and exploring new horizons before coming back to my roots, a few years ago. Originally a fiber artist trained with teachers from France and Quebec, over the last decades, I have turned my attention to painting and participated in various group and solo… Read more →

Art from Lisa V Robinson (@lisavrobinson) / Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

Lisa V Robinson’s paintings are underpinned by an interest in mark making, colour and form. Rather than reverting to pure abstraction as a method of visualising these interests, she has developed her own painting style which fuses both abstract and representational elements. She looks to the immediate environment for ideas for composition and mark making, such as: architecture, films, reflections, interiors… Read more →

Art from Carlos Franco-Ruiz / Sauce, Uruguay

Carlos Franco-Ruiz (°1987, Managua, Nicaragua) is an artist who mainly works with painting. In 1988, as the civil war was winding down his parents immigrated to Miami, FL. Carlos was raised in Miami, in the neighborhood of Little Havana. After graduating, he would continue to pursue art as a career and completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University… Read more →

Art from Diane Wisehart

From Diane Wisehart: Diane sold her first painting at the age of 13. Today, there are wall murals adorning many homes throughout central Indiana and paintings being cherished in homes all across the country. This is because Diane was blessed with, not only a God-given talent to put to canvas that which her eye and heart beholds, but also a… Read more →

Artist Brent Ray Fraser Paints With His Penis — UPDATED!

Who needs a paintbrush when you have a perfectly good penis at your disposal?! Canadian artist Brent Ray Fraser is willing to strip down and put everything out there for his art. Slathering up his bits with paint and going to town on a giant piece portraying the Queen and Princess Diana, it takes Fraser time, patience, some fancy footwork,… Read more →

Renoir Filmed Painting at Home (1915) [video]

Be sure to watch this rare 1915 footage of renowned impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, sitting in a chair occasionally painting, smoking, and talking to his companions. He looks to be just as much in his element as he might have been as a younger man, however, the difficulties of age are obvious and striking. You may never look at a… Read more →

Vaccum Robot Turned Into Abstract Expressionist Painter

Have you ever wondered if your vacuum cleaner was a better artist than you? This one just might be. Japanese artist and engineer “HYde JII” has turned an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner into a pretty impressive abstract expressionist painter. The robot, named Mr. Head (“Head-kun” in Japanese), a 15 year old Roomba, has retired his janitorial vacuum cleaner and taken… Read more →

Chasing the Muse (TEDx) and Art from Melanie Norris

Melanie Norris is a Johnson City, Tennessee native who now lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. As an abstract portrait painter she uses color and texture to build forms that represent faces and emotions. Though most paintings are done with watercolor on specially primed canvas, layers of oil pigment are worked into many compositions to serve as a visual anchor and contrast of texture.… Read more →