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The Highest Paid Musicians of 2017 Will Surprise You

Making a living through music can seem like a never-ending hustle at times, but for some folks who just happen to be at the top of their game (and the top of the industry), the past year has definitely been a lucrative one. Forbes has just released their (jaw-dropping) list of the world’s highest-paid musicians of 2017, which is calculated based… Read more →

Kesha Says a UFO Sighting Inspired Her New Album

  After years of legal battles that have prevented Kesha from releasing new music — not to mention had fans and stars alike rallying around the singer to #FreeKesha — she’s now back with a brand new album, “Rainbows” (due for release on August 11). And while we might assume that her past struggles and future hopes might be the motivation behind… Read more →

Woodstock Festival Location Is Now an Official Historic Site

  While Woodstock is obviously considered an important event in music history, the location where the festival was held back in 1969 has only now been deemed an official historical site.  Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, an 800-acre area that was once a dairy farm 90 miles north of New York City in… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: The 21st-Century Art Book

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   The 21st-Century Art Book by The Editors of Phaidon Press (Phaidon Press)   “The 21st‐Century Art Book is an A‐to‐Z guide of contemporary artists featuring established art‐world figures – Maurizio Cattelan, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Wall – alongside rising stars of the next generations. Global in scope, the book features work from… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: Basquiat

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   Basquiat by Leonhard Emmerling (Taschen)   “Life lines: The 80s art star who put poverty, power, and racism on the wall An icon of 1980s New York, Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960–1988) first made his name under the graffiti tag “SAMO”, before establishing his studio practice and catapulting to fast fame at the… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince by Mayte Garcia (Hachette Books)   “INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER At the one-year anniversary of his death, legendary musician Prince’s first wife shares a uniquely intimate, candid, and revelatory look inside the personal and professional life of one of the world’s most beloved… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: Anne Geddes: Small World

    Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   Anne Geddes: Small World by Holly Stuart Hughes (Author), Anne Geddes (Photographer) (Taschen America)     “An infant curled within a seashell, on a bed of flowers, or its mother’s body. With her distinct style and sensitive compositions, Anne Geddes has become one of the world’s most widely known and… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: Shake (dogs caught mid-shake)

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   Shake by Carli Davidson (Harper Design)   “Original, amusing, and brilliantly documented, Shake is a heartwarming collection of sixty-one beguiling dogs caught in the most candid of moments: mid-shake. This glorious, graphic volume will stop you dead in your tracks as you are presented with images of man’s best friend caught… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird: A Picture Book by Kim Smith (Illustrator) (Quirk Books)   “One the most beloved TV shows of all time is now a sweet, silly, sci-fi bedtime story! In The X Files: Earth Children Are Weird, best pals Dana (Scully) and Fox (Mulder) have pitched a… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: Mastering Street Photography

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   Mastering Street Photography by Brian Lloyd Duckett (Ammonite Press)   “Street photography has a tradition dating back over a century, and today’s digital world finds it enjoying a renaissance—yet there is little expert advice available. This is a practical guide to capturing the candid moments that reveal life at its most… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures by Claire Rosen (Rocky Nook)   “Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures is a compendium of practical advice and information covering the photographic process―from idea cultivation through execution. The guidance in this book is written with an understanding of the nature of artists at their… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: Dalí

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   Dalí by Gilles Néret (Taschen)   “Painter, sculptor, writer, film-maker, and all-round showman Salvador Dalí (1904–1989) was one of the twentieth century’s greatest exhibitionists and eccentrics. One of the first artists to apply the insights of Freudian psychoanalysis to art, he is celebrated in particular for his surrealist practice, with such… Read more →

Fender Made a Million Dollar Fabergé Guitar

  Granted, any musician will appreciate a shnazzy guitar created with great consideration and care. However, the Fender Fabergé Pine Cone Stratocaster takes luxe right over the top. With diamonds, silver, gold and a finish invented specifically for this instrument, this guitar would put you back a cool million dollars to call your own. Although, really, this piece of art… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: National Geographic Greatest Landscapes: Stunning Photographs That Inspire and Astonish

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   National Geographic Greatest Landscapes: Stunning Photographs That Inspire and Astonish by National Geographic   “From one majestic nature landscape to the next, this is an iconic collection of National Geographic’s photography of the world’s most beautiful locations that will immortalize the beauty of the great outdoors, showcasing evocative, and often unseen,… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: Badass Women of Cinema – A Collection of Interviews

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   Badass Women of Cinema – A Collection of Interviews by Chris Watson (BearManor Media)   “‘An engaging read that provides an intimate look into the lives, careers, triumphs, and heartbreaks of some of cinema’s toughest ladies.’ – Jordan Garren, The B Movie Vault Martial arts actresses, cult heroes, stuntwomen. In a… Read more →

Here’s the 59th Grammy Awards Spotify Playlist

  The 59th Grammy Awards have some of the biggest players in the biz competing this year, from Adele and Rihanna to Beyoncé and The Weeknd, not to mention Drake and Chance the Rapper. Now just a few days away, that means, if you haven’t been listening to the nominees for months on your own, then it’s time to familiarize yourself with this year’s top… Read more →

Bohemian Book Club: Street Art, Fine Art

  Bohemians! Here’s what we’re reading this week:   Street Art, Fine Art by Ingrid Beazley (Heni Publishing)   “Is art displayed on cinderblock walls any different than art that hangs in galleries? Is a swath of spray paint as powerful as a dab of oil? Street art has famously operated outside the trappings of the fine art world, yet… Read more →

Ed Sheeran Just Broke Multiple Records On Spotify

Just got the test pressing for the album, can’t wait for you to hear it! Pre-order link in my bio x A post shared by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) on Jan 13, 2017 at 8:44am PST   Things are going pretty darn well for Ed Sheeran who just broke multiple records on Spotify after the release of his two highly anticipated new… Read more →

A Georgia University Is Offering an Outkast Course

  The Simpsons philosophy class at Glasgow University definitely sounds like something plenty of folks would be interested in. But will an Outkast course be as popular? Offered by Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia, Dr. Regina Bradley is teaching a class called “Outkast and the Rise of the Hip-Hop South.” According to Aux, the “course will examine how André 3000 and… Read more →

Check Out Phantogram Covering Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”

  Phantogram may have gained massive popularity with their “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” and “Black Out Days,” but this time around they’re tackling a cover. And it’s not just any ol’ tune.   A post shared by Radiohead (@radiohead) on Aug 8, 2016 at 7:01am PDT   Check out their rendition of Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” for Australia’s Triple J. Check radio station.… Read more →

Bohemian Reading List (01.10.17)

  Check out these books that every bohemian will want to read.   1. Hand Lettering 101: An Introduction to the Art of Creative Lettering “If you follow Chalkfulloflove (also known as Sarah!) on social media, you and thousands of others already know how adorable her hand-lettered creations are. With Hand Lettering 101, Sarah brings her fabulous Hand Lettering 101… Read more →

Hear the xx’s New Single ‘Say Something Loving’

  The xx may have just been announced as one of the acts appearing at this year’s epic Coachella festival, but right now you should probably take a moment to check out their new song, “Say Something Loving,” the second single off the band’s upcoming LP I See You.       (h/t Rolling Stone; photo via The xx) Read more →

Gigi and Bella Hadid Rapping Nicki Minaj’s Starships is Weirdly Impressive

  Gigi and Bella Hadid may currently rule the modeling world, but if they ever had aspirations for a career in music, they may want to nix ’em. That’s because the duo has just given us a peek at their rendition of Nicki Minaj’s Starships, and though it’s epically cringe-worthy, it’s also weirdly impressive. Though it’s, well, er, not good (at all),… Read more →

Bohemian Reading List (12.20.16)

  Check out these books that every bohemian will want to read.   1. Hamilton: The Revolution “Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking musical Hamilton is as revolutionary as its subject, the poor kid from the Caribbean who fought the British, defended the Constitution, and helped to found the United States. Fusing hip-hop, pop, R&B, and the best traditions of theater, this once-in-a-generation… Read more →

Watch Lady Gaga’s New “Million Reasons” Video

Picking up where her “Perfect Illusion” story left off, Lady Gaga’s new “Million Reasons” video is a passionate continuation of the personal situation she has obviously been working through with her music à la Joanne. Check out Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” below.   (h/t Pitchfork) Read more →

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ New ‘Under the Earth’ Remix Is All About the Trip-Hop

  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are certainly not shy about striking out and trying whatever pleases them whether we’re talking about their you-never-know-what-you’re-gonna-get music to Karen O’s epic fashion sense. That’s why fans shouldn’t be surprised by their wild remix of 2013’s “Under the Earth.” Adding a helluva trip-hip sound to the song, the accompanying video is meant to highlight the… Read more →

Beyoncé Releases Video For Lemonade’s “All Night”

Beyoncé’s Lemonade just keeps on giving. While pretty much every song and accompanying video she’s released from the visual album has been an artistic masterpiece (IMHO), the newest offering is just as amazing. Check out the newly released video for “All Night”.   (h/t Paper) Read more →

OK Go’s New “The One Moment” Video Is a Super Slo-Mo Art Explosion

You really need to check out OK Go’s latest video, this time around for their song “The One Moment,” which is from their latest album, Hungry Ghosts (Paracadute/BMG). A 4.2 second art explosion displayed in super slow-mo, it’s pretty much the kind of awesomeness we expect from these guys at this point. Talk about a beautiful disaster! (photo via OK Go) Read more →

Bohemian Reading List (11.22.16)

  Check out these books that every bohemian will want to read.   1. The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait “The intimate life of artist Frida Kahlo is wonderfully revealed in the illustrated journal she kept during her last 10 years. This passionate and at times surprising record contains the artist’s thoughts, poems, and dreams; many reflecting her… Read more →

You Won’t Believe How Much Money Taylor Swift Makes Every… Single… Day

  While the 6 richest living artists aren’t hurting for money (since each is worth $100 million+) and Cindy Sherman reigns as the top-earning woman artist, Taylor Swift continues to dominate the money-making game in the music industry. With Forbes reporting that she took in an incredible $170 million last year (taking the title as the highest earning celebrity under… Read more →

Check Out Murs Break a Guinness Record With a 26-Hour Rap Marathon

If you’re looking to check out a mighty feat, then you’ll want to take a peek at #BarsForDays which is all about rapper Murs attempting to break a world record for the longest rap. Using both his own material and that of others, he’s going to try to rap for 26 straight hours. That’s right — over a full day’s worth… Read more →

Check Out The Word “Music” Translated Into 104 Different Languages

If you loved The Word “Artist” Translated Into 91 Different Languages, then you’re definitely going to want to check out the word music translated in 104 different languages. * I’m relying on Google Translate, so if any are wrong, please leave the correct translation in the comments. Thanks! Afrikaans: musiek Albanian: muzikë Amharic: ሙዚቃ Arabic: موسيقى Armenian: երաժշտություն Azerbaijani: musiqi Basque: musika Belarusian: музыка Bengali: সঙ্গীত Bosnian: muzika Bulgarian: музика Catalan: música Cebuano: musika… Read more →

Tom DeLonge Left Blink-182 to Investigate UFOs

While Blink 182 are busy getting ready to release their seventh full-length album, California, ex-band-mate Tom Delonge is busy doing his own thing. His own thing just happens to involve investigating UFOs. In a recent interview with Mic, Tom explained that he is now launching a “multimedia franchise” by the name of Sekret Machines. Including both fiction and non-fiction books, new music from DeLonge’s… Read more →

Today’s Bohemian Buzz: Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy 2, Listen to Darth Vader’s Hero Theme, and More

Check out all the news that’s buzzing in the creative world today! Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy 2 Dispenses Art and Food (Blouin ArtInfo) Like Black Lives, Black Arts Do Matter (Huffington Post Arts & Culture) 30 Best Picture Winners You Can Stream Right Now (mental_floss) Meet April Reign, The Activist Who Created #OscarsSoWhite (Huffington Post Arts & Culture) Michael Jackson’s $1.5… Read more →

Today’s Bohemian Buzz: Life Over-Taking Snow Art, Kanye West is Fashion Poaching, and More

Check out all the news that’s buzzing in the creative world today! This Guy Walks In Snow To Create Amazing Giant Murals – “Gradually, it’s taken over my life.” (Huffington Post) This Machine Prints Portraits with 8,000 Drops of Coffee (MakeZine) Sign a petition to change the U.S. national anthem to Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ (AUX) Santigold Unveils Interactive “Can’t Get Enough of… Read more →

2016 Grammy Nominees, Top Genres, All-Time Winners, and More

The folks over at Graphiq are great at breaking down info into simple and sleek infographics and if you’re going to be watching tonight’s Grammy Awards ceremony, then you’ll definitely want to check out below for the top nominees, all time winners, and more. Data curated by PrettyFamous   Data curated by PrettyFamous   Data curated by PrettyFamous   Data curated… Read more →

Listen to the Song “Pompeii” Sung in the Language of Pompeii

“A song with a title of ancient Roman city deserves a Latin translation,” says Heleen Uytterhoeven which is why she has created a cover of Bastille’s song, Pompeii, in a language closer to what the people of the famous ancient city actually spoke. Not only is it positively lovely, it will help you learn to say things like Sed si tu… Read more →

Chemical Brothers and Beck’s New Video Features a Tech-Transforming Dancer

You seriously have to check out this gorgeous new video for Wide Open, the collaboration between Chemical Brothers and Beck. Directed by Dom & Nic and featuring dancer Sonoya Mizuno, the video’s moving choreography is heightened by the technology used which included a full CG model of Mizuno and 107 individual anatomic rigs. The result is definitely worth the effort.… Read more →

Today in Art History: 1877 – Thomas Edison Patents the Phonograph

1877 – Thomas Edison patents the phonograph. “While other inventors had produced devices that could record sounds, Edison’s phonograph was the first to be able to reproduce the recorded sound. His phonograph originally recorded sound onto a tinfoil sheet wrapped around a rotating cylinder. A stylus responding to sound vibrations produced an up and down or hill-and-dale groove in the… Read more →

Artists Captures Musicians’ Movements in Light

You can use your imagination to visualize music or you can find a way to truly make it visible. Canadian artist Stephen Orlando has decided to do the latter. As part of his Motion Exposure series, the Ontario-based photographer handed violinists and cellists bows affixed with multicolored lights and asked them to play. These custom bows, combined with a low-light setting and… Read more →

The Cat Piano Was a Real Thing…and It Wasn’t As Cute As It Sounds

Do you love the gentle meows of kittens or peaceful purrrs of a cat? Then you might think those feline sounds would be music to one’s ears when assembled as an actual instrument…I guess. The katzenklavier (“cat piano”) was a musical instrument made out of cats. Designed by 17th-century German scholar Athanasius Kircher, it consisted of a row of caged cats… Read more →

This Is What Songs Look Like As 3D Printed Sculptures

Have you ever wanted to touch music? To hold it and turn it in your hands as you feel it’s shape, it’s texture, it’s weight? Now you can. Lead by Allison Wood and Kei Gowda, Reify turns sound waves into 3-D printed sculptures that play the sound back with an augmented reality app. Wood started the company to explore digital synesthesia,… Read more →

The Ramones To Rock Archie Comics

The Archie’s may have made news recently for their Hipster transformation, but don’t think that means they’ve totally lost their rockin’ edge. To keep the gangs’ cred in tact, The Ramones will be joining the Riverdale punks soon enough. The comic will be co-written by Alex Segura, (‘Archie Meets KISS’) and Matthew Rosenberg (’12 Reasons to Die’) and drawn by… Read more →

Music Video from SATE

SATE is the new vehicle of Saidah Baba Talibah, the daughter of Canadian blues great Salome Bey (known as the Empress of Canadian Blues, also an honorary Member of the Order of Canada). SATE has recently released 3 EPs – the Red, Black and Blue EPs through PledgeMusic and is letting fans select 10 songs that will make the final album. You can read… Read more →

Music Video from Tara Baswani

Check out the gorgeous and wonderfully artistic video for Breakdown from Tara Baswani’s debut solo project, Quest:Origins, directed by Virpi Kettu. Tara Baswani is an award winning singer, songwriter and composer. The Indian born artist’s passion for fusing Western contemporary styles like Rock and Soul with World Music traditions defines her unmistakeable vocal and compositional trademark. Her background in the literary… Read more →

It’s the Launch of bohemianizm!

  It’s here! It’s launch day! It’s bohemianizm! bohemianizm wants to feature the best that today’s artists and creators have to offer. bohemianizm wants to introduce art lovers to new art and artists. bohemianizm wants to introduce artists’ work to a large international enthusiastic readership. bohemianizm wants to feature all kinds of art and creativity. bohemianizm wants to feature artists from all… Read more →

Submit Your Art to bohemianizm

Submit your art to bohemianizm! bohemianizm is looking to feature visual art, animation, books, poetry, fiction, craft, comics, dance, music, painting, design, fashion, film, GIFs, illustration, installations, performance art, photography, public art, sculpture, street art, theatre, tv, video, and anything else creative! Be sure to submit your work now at bohemianizm.com/submissions Read more →

What Will bohemianizm Offer? This…

bohemianizm wants to feature the best that today’s artists and creators have to offer. bohemianizm wants to introduce art lovers to new art and artists. bohemianizm wants to introduce artists’ work to a large international enthusiastic readership. bohemianizm wants to feature all kinds of art and creativity. bohemianizm wants to feature artists from all over the world. bohemianizm wants to offer the… Read more →