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These Groundhog Day GIFs Are As Awesome As an Early Spring

  It’s Groundhog Day! Did the little weather-predicting critter in your area see their shadow today? Whether the answer is yes or no, these GIFs are just as awesome as an early spring.        And for those who inevitably expect a few mentions of the movie…     (GIFs via Giphy) Read more →

David Bowie Was Almost In ‘The Lord Of The Rings’

  There’s no doubt that The Lord of the Rings film franchise was epic as it was, but having David Bowie in it may have actually made it beyond epic. And that’s exactly what almost happened back when the folks behind the scenes were in casting mode. Dominic Monaghan, who you’ll know as the hobbit Merry, confirmed the rumor for The… Read more →

As You Wish! The Princess Bride Coloring Book Has Just Been Released

    I know you were totally into the Yves Saint Laurent coloring book which explores the fanciful creations of the iconic fashion designer, as well as the Harry Potter coloring book that took us back into the magical wizarding world. But now, there’s a brand new Princess Bride coloring book that I can guarantee any fan of the classic film will want to… Read more →

Here’s Why ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Almost NEVER Aired

  Back in 1965, the world first fell in love with the most pathetic little wilted evergreen tree and a stage-full of children dancing like they were possessed by the festive spirit in A Charlie Brown Christmas. While more than 15 million people watched Charlie, Snoopy and the gang search for the meaning of Christmas during its debut and though the… Read more →

Seeing “Mad Max: Fury Road” Without Special Effects Is Totally Intense

  Mad Max: Fury Road was a full-on action-packed binge of special effects that helped to make the movie as awesome as it was. Without those special effects, though, or rather, before they were added, the raw footage was no less intense. Seriously, wow. Take a look for yourself in the behind-the-scenes clip below. (h/t io9, photo via Warner Bros. Pictures) Read more →

The New Suicide Squad Poster Art is Deadly

  The new Suicide Squad movie already has fans excited about the David Ayer’s-led adventure that won’t be released until August 5, 2016. But you can get a ferocious fix with these intense posters that were just released today. With the main poster including the full cast of characters, there are also matching posters which feature each individual member of the Suicide… Read more →