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Art from Jessica Tallett / Farnham, England

From Jessica Tallett: My current artwork takes a critical view on the way in which we as a species interact and regard the animals with which, we share our environment. Considering the institution of the zoo I question the entrapment of animals and the ways in which we have used them as commodities. Making use of the graphic nature of… Read more →

Art from Jon Phillipson Brown (@jonphillipson) / Peterborough, England

From Jon Phillipson Brown: I paint to make sense of the world around me and my place within it. I want to learn all that I can about painting. The act of painting, for me, is about making a voyage of discovery: we have to leave behind that which we think we know and travel towards the world. www.jonphillipsonbrown.com – @jonphillipson Read more →

Art from Jonathan Gilder / Kettering, England

From Jonathan Gilder: I am interested in transforming mundane and everyday objects into non-sensical displays that challenge both the materials and methods used within them. I have a heavy focus on craft based techniques mainly being my obsessive use of hand embroidery creating simple patterns that can compliment or juxtapose accompanying objects. I have recently graduated with a BA Fine… Read more →

Check Out What Damien Hirst Is Building BENEATH His Mansion

Damien Hirst, a.k.a. the world’s richest living artist and the man who made dead sharks and diamond-covered skulls into high art, is tackling a new creative project, but this time it’s more for his own personal pleasures. Hirst is adding onto his historic London home, BUT the addition will be completely underground. The massive home, which cost Hirst £39.5 million (~$57.9 million) in… Read more →

Art from Sophie Gresswell (@sgresswellart) / Bedfordshire, England, UK

From Sophie Gresswell: I want to make art that will make people stop and look at the transient beauty in life that they so often see, but may have never fully appreciated. My work also explores distortion in portraiture. I like to see the effect a portrait will have on an audience when it is not presented like a traditional portrait,… Read more →

Art from Lisa V Robinson (@lisavrobinson) / Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

Lisa V Robinson’s paintings are underpinned by an interest in mark making, colour and form. Rather than reverting to pure abstraction as a method of visualising these interests, she has developed her own painting style which fuses both abstract and representational elements. She looks to the immediate environment for ideas for composition and mark making, such as: architecture, films, reflections, interiors… Read more →

Peek Into The Artist’s Studio With Meriliis Rinne (Meru) (@meruarts) / London, England

Meriliis Rinne (Meru) is an Estonian artist who has gained recognition for her works having exhibited in Tallinn, Copenhagen, Oslo and London. Her desire for aesthetics developed from her childhood growing up in the system where all toy designs were certified with communist party at Soviet Union. Remembering lack of beauty and colorful things, and how she began to despise ugliness, referencing… Read more →

Art from Lisa Wright (@Lisawrightart) / London, England

In Lisa Wright’s The Unversed new works speak for their subjects The figures in Wright’s paintings are caught on the brink of adulthood. They have soft, childish faces and newly rounded bodies and their predominantly naked figures are adorned with decorative, adult clothing consisting of ribbons, Tudor ruffs and silk sleeves. The figures adopt semi-formal portrait poses that enhance the… Read more →

Art from James Eade

From James Eade: My name is James Eade and I’m a Senior Graphic Designer & Art Director living in East London. With over ten years experience in the design industry I have a wide breadth of work, including, online advertising, websites & UI, and more recently, mobile. Although the majority of my work is now digital, I come from a print… Read more →