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Art by Teo Solar (Brno, Czech Republic)

From Teo Solar: By default a photographer who sometimes dabbles in drawing and multidisciplinary projects and installations. Studied photography at high school in Bratislava, later at an academy in Prague. Recurring themes: exploration of visual arts sceneries and situations, postmodern discourse on art, forgotten and barren landscapes/buildings, animals, food, shamanic and psychedelic experience, archaic revival, memes, cyberculture, GIFs, lo-fi. Just an ordinary explorer and adventurer,… Read more →

Art from Michelle Montague (@FullMontague) / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From Michelle Montague: Michelle Montague is a Canadian mixed media artist based in Toronto. Drawing and painting for nearly 20 years, Michelle spent her formative years in Edmonton and Windsor before returning to Toronto in 1996. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ontario College of Arts and Design (now OCADU). Michelle has exhibited in the Greater Toronto… Read more →

Art from Jessica Burke (@justjb) / Statesboro, Georgia, US

From Jessica Burke: Born in Wichita, Kansas, Jessica Burke is a figurative artist and educator living in southern Georgia. She was raised on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons and Little Debbie Snack Cakes. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina. Ms. Burke is an Associate Professor of Art and Director of… Read more →

Art from Joanna Gregores / Paris, France

From Joanna Gregores: I studied graphic design and illustration in the 1970’s at The Academy of Art in San Francisco, and studied drawing intensively with studio classes at the Art Student’s League in New York. I lived in Vietnam for 10 years where I had exhibitions as well as mentored young street children in creative expression. I am currently living in France, paintng and… Read more →

Art from Branko Jovanovic (@Branko65J) / Belgrade – Zemun – Serbia

From Branko Jovanovic: I am a printmaker artist My basic interest is dry point,but i like to use and other graphic tehnik. born 1965 in Priština, Kosovo i Metohija,Srbija. I graduated in 1999 at the Art Academy in Priština, in the Department of Fine Art, department of Graphic. I am a member of the Serbian Association of Artists ULUS since 1998.… Read more →

Art from Antonio Páramo (@toni_pg) / Spain & Germany

From Antonio Páramo: My work talks about the beauty and bodies of the unconventional people that love who they are and don’t care about what others say about them. That’s the kind of people I love to draw and photograph. I’m specially in love with plus size women and that’s why I like to draw them so much. I believe that… Read more →

Art from Balwinder Singh (@aaryanarts) / London, UK

From Balwinder Singh: I am a self taught realistic sketch artist. I started sketching in 2013 and love working with graphite pencils and charcoal. I am currently working on my theme titled ‘Poverty, Privation, Pain and Suffering”, creating several sketches to world poverty, a man made plague which has engulfed every part of our society and affecting many unfortunate souls. I… Read more →

Art from Heather Gwinn (@HeatherGwinnArt)

Heather Gwinn was born in the U.S. and raised in a manufacturing community in northern Indiana.  Working primarily in pen and ink, with occasional dips into colored mediums as exploration, Heather’s works often toy with the quiet horror of the American Midwest and the fantastical nature of stream of consciousness illustration. With no formal artistic education, she is self-taught and… Read more →

Art from Dimithry Victor (@dimithryv)

From Dimithry Victor: Hi, my name is Dimithry Victor, I am a 15 year old aspiring artist. I have so many aspirations and goals, but the most important one is to change the world through art and make people think. I know art canbe used to express emotion, and get people to pay attention to a certain topic or even make them feel emotions,… Read more →