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Create Flame Art with this Free Online Tool

  Creative pyromaniacs, I have a safe solution for your fiery needs. To avoid actual flammable materials, take a look at Flame Painter from Escape Motions. A “unique paint application that lets you easily create original artworks, design or light effects with procedural brushes,” you can change up the color, brush/flame size, saturation, opacity, speed, focus, and more. Lotsa options to… Read more →

Art from Devon Gisbert (@drgisbert) / Long Island New York

From Devon Gisbert: My Name is Devon Gisbert, I am a freelance Illustrator. I grew up on long island with beaches, the suburbs and one of the greatest cities in the world all within an hours distance. I have a wonderful family, supportive friends, and a creative mind. I tend to be adventurous, curious, and always open to suggestions and ideas.… Read more →

Art from Joanna Gregores / Paris, France

From Joanna Gregores: I studied graphic design and illustration in the 1970’s at The Academy of Art in San Francisco, and studied drawing intensively with studio classes at the Art Student’s League in New York. I lived in Vietnam for 10 years where I had exhibitions as well as mentored young street children in creative expression. I am currently living in France, paintng and… Read more →

Art from Laura Welsman (@laurawelsman) / Cardiff, Wales, UK

From Laura Welsman: Laura is an emerging artist who investigates subjective, sensory realities in fully immersive art environments. She utilizes installation and paint to challenge how space and colour are perceived in order to induce imaginative thought, self-analysis and experiences of the sublime. Her painting installations are stimulated by the free association of personal historic events, recurring psychological abstractions and… Read more →

Check Out What These Classical Painting Figures Look Like With Tattoos

  If you felt that classical art needed a splash of hardcore ink to top off the paint, Nicolas Amiard’s The Art of Tattoo has you covered. Actually, it has the bodies of art icons covered. Using his digital skills, Amiard has created a collection of modified paintings featuring additions of body modification.     “I live in Paris where… Read more →

Art from Branko Jovanovic (@Branko65J) / Belgrade – Zemun – Serbia

From Branko Jovanovic: I am a printmaker artist My basic interest is dry point,but i like to use and other graphic tehnik. born 1965 in Priština, Kosovo i Metohija,Srbija. I graduated in 1999 at the Art Academy in Priština, in the Department of Fine Art, department of Graphic. I am a member of the Serbian Association of Artists ULUS since 1998.… Read more →

Art from Nathalie Pirotte (@nathabrax) / Brussels, Belgium

From Nathalie Pirotte: Born in Zaire lives in Brussels Belgium Graduations : Parsons School of Design (NYC ,USA), master of La Cambre (B) en 1989 in painting and 3d researches. Painting teacher at Académie des Beaux-arts http://nathalie-pirotte.over-blog.com/ https://twitter.com/nathabrax https://www.instagram.com/nathaliepirotteartist/ https://www.facebook.com/pirotte.nathalie Read more →

An Afternoon with Frenchies – Animal Art Photography (video)

The following video is a pretty convincing argument for any artist to get into the pet photography field. A behind-the-scenes peek at a portrait shoot at Zoo Studios in Brisbane, the adorableness of the process is only topped by the overwhelming cuteness of the end result. This is short, behind the scenes clip of a french bulldog portrait shoot with… Read more →

Art from Dana Naser (@dananaserart) / Dubai, United Arab Emirates

From Dana Naser: Dana Naser is a Dubai – based artist, designer and photographer. Growing up, art was an important part of Dana’s life. Throughout her life, she collected images, experiences and emotions expressing them through her art, relying on intense colours and incorporating various forms, patterns and textures, channeling this talent through her graphic design as well as her painting.… Read more →

Listen to the Song “Pompeii” Sung in the Language of Pompeii

“A song with a title of ancient Roman city deserves a Latin translation,” says Heleen Uytterhoeven which is why she has created a cover of Bastille’s song, Pompeii, in a language closer to what the people of the famous ancient city actually spoke. Not only is it positively lovely, it will help you learn to say things like Sed si tu… Read more →

Art from Metrov (@metrov) / Santa Barbara, California, US

Metrov began professional life in New York City in 1970 as a designer/illustrator for world-renowned Push Pin Studios, then as a Fine Arts painter in a loft studio across the street from Andy Warhol’s Factory. He studied painting  with Gilbert Stone, a Prix di Rome Scholar, whose mentor was the late, great Gregory Gillespie. Having exhibited in NYC & Los Angeles,… Read more →

Art from Karen Grosman (@KarenGrosman) / Toronto, Canada

From Karen Grosman: Karen Grosman’s artwork explores issues of power. Inspired by Foucault’s writings on power structures she explores different binaries within contemporary culture and within history. The issues, which she explores, include the naturalization of ideas surrounding race, gender and military organizations. She holds a BFA from OCAD University. Majoring in Drawing and Painting, Minor in Art History. History and politics are important… Read more →

Artist Creates Wildly Realistic Animals Out of Pipe Cleaners

As children, many of us gleefully used pipe cleaners during arts and crafts, but really, whatever we were up to tended to lean more towards the craft side than any sort of art. Lauren Ryan, on the other hand, is seriously taking pipe cleaners to the art side. Using the fuzzy wired strips primarily in natural tones, the artist is… Read more →

Art from Birgit Zartl / Vienna, Austria

From Birgit Zartl: Studied Psychology at the University of Vienna Worked in the Neurological Department of The Hietzing Hospital in Austria Additional training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at the Austrian Association for Behavioral Therapy Art Therapy training in painting & drawing techniques & the study of Chromatics at the Institute for Creative Therapy in Vienna Since 2000 works as a self… Read more →

Books to Help you Sell Your Art

  Do you want to make money with your art but need a little guidance or some expert advice? Check out this month’s addition to the Make Art? Make Money! section, Books to Help You Sell Your Art, and start selling your art and making money. Check it out now! Books to Help You Sell Your Art Read more →

Art from Alessandro Andreuccetti (@andreuccettiart) / Italy

From Alessandro Andreuccetti: Born in San Gimignano, Italy, in 1955. Studied art and architecture in Florence then started my job as graphic designer and painter, as well, in 1980. My work has been exhibited in galleries in many Italian cities and in the world and are part of private and public collections. www.andreuccettiart.it www.facebook.com/andreuccettiart www.twitter.com/andreuccettiart www.instagram.com/andreuccettiart Read more →

Chemical Brothers and Beck’s New Video Features a Tech-Transforming Dancer

You seriously have to check out this gorgeous new video for Wide Open, the collaboration between Chemical Brothers and Beck. Directed by Dom & Nic and featuring dancer Sonoya Mizuno, the video’s moving choreography is heightened by the technology used which included a full CG model of Mizuno and 107 individual anatomic rigs. The result is definitely worth the effort.… Read more →

Art from Max Oliver / UK

From Max Oliver: His self-taught work focuses on the wild spaces of Southwest England. He is intrigued by the varied coastlines, ever changing moors and constantly evolving woodlands. The drama in the relationships between the sea, land and sky provide a never ending source of inspiration. His work tries to capture these sometimes intimate, sometimes powerful moments that could otherwise be… Read more →

101 Pseudonyms Up For Grabs

Are you looking for a pseudonym but can’t come up with just the right one? Check out the list below and grab yourself a new professional name. 1. Celina Duckett 2. Cruz David 3. Audrie Fortenberry 4. Kendrick Vickery 5. Isabella Minter 6. Hosea Temple 7. Lynelle Lowell 8. Walker Berlin 9. Simone Laughlin 10. Dorsey Chamberlin 11. Alpha Dayton 12.… Read more →

Art from Rodney Mercer (@Rodney_Mercer) / Newfoundland, Canada

Rodney Mercer was born in St. John’s in 1971 and raised in Dildo, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador. He moved to Corner Brook, NL in 1995 to study visual art at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University and since then, he has been a fixture in the community and is considered a local treasure. Mercer is a full-time, self-employed visual artist living… Read more →

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Picasso

Pablo Picasso’s last words were: “Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can’t drink any more.” Did you know that? Pablo Picasso may be one of the most famous names in art, but chances are there are a few facts about the prolific painter that you didn’t know. Check out these 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about… Read more →

10 Ways to Respond When Someone Says Art Isn’t Important

When those who don’t think art is important can’t keep their opinions to themselves, you can choose to walk the other way or simply ignore them OR you could choose one of the responses below. Here are 10 ways to respond when someone says art isn’t important. Click To Tweet 1. Tell them that art has changed/shaped history. 2. Tell… Read more →

Art from Agent X (@agentxart) / Canada

Agent X, cultural explorer and agent of the unknown, creates experimental, multimedia collages, paintings, and 2D artwork. Described as ‘Pop Art with thought,’ Agent X juxtaposes pop culture, technology, fashion, music, politics, and race in visually complex amalgamations expressing the anxieties of the global, post-modern world and the dark side of consumerist, media-obsessed culture. His work occupies a unique intersection… Read more →

The New Suicide Squad Poster Art is Deadly

  The new Suicide Squad movie already has fans excited about the David Ayer’s-led adventure that won’t be released until August 5, 2016. But you can get a ferocious fix with these intense posters that were just released today. With the main poster including the full cast of characters, there are also matching posters which feature each individual member of the Suicide… Read more →

Art from Tracey Falcon (@tracey_falcon) / Kent, UK

Tracey Falcon makes work from newspaper… Rammed with information of society’s strictures and structures, the newspaper headlines – bylines – official lines, pass the stories from front line to back page, home. And behind the lines lie, and behind the lines that lie, and behind the lines are lies and behind the lies lie lines of tall, upright families gradually huddled… Read more →

This Coffee Maker Turns Your Selfies Into Latte Art

Your local barista may impress you with their foam-based art, but can they top your favorite caffeinated beverage with one of your very own selfies? Because this new coffee maker can! In fact, The Ripple Maker from Coffee Ripples can create any kind of latte art that your little coffee/art-loving heart desires. With the Ripple Maker you’ll turn ordinary coffee into… Read more →

Art from Sophie Gresswell (@sgresswellart) / Bedfordshire, England, UK

From Sophie Gresswell: I want to make art that will make people stop and look at the transient beauty in life that they so often see, but may have never fully appreciated. My work also explores distortion in portraiture. I like to see the effect a portrait will have on an audience when it is not presented like a traditional portrait,… Read more →

Art from L.Ammirati (@lammiradesign) / Bay Area, California, US

From L.Ammirati: Art is a form of communicating for me; it is how I tell my story. My eye is drawn to color combinations, shapes and pattens that I find in everyday life. I’ve always been sensitive to the abstract, being drawn to the oddities of life and the mixing and matching of patterns and colors. My photography lets others see… Read more →

Art from Michelle (@MLHorsfall) / Southampton, UK

From Michelle: Obsessive image snapper and lover of all things creative. Forever looking for the ‘perfect’ light to bring it all to life. Wants to photograph beyond the surface and inspire others. I move on a sliding scale between ‘not taking myself seriously’ to ‘wanting to create something that punches hard’. Inspried by the times i’ve stared long at other people’s… Read more →

Art from Danielle Caron / Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada

From Danielle Caron: Born in the province of Quebec, I have spent most of my adult life travelling and exploring new horizons before coming back to my roots, a few years ago. Originally a fiber artist trained with teachers from France and Quebec, over the last decades, I have turned my attention to painting and participated in various group and solo… Read more →

Art from Eric Dyer (@ericsozone) / San Francisco, California

From Eric Dyer: The “mistakes” of a glitch break apart what you are looking at, reconstructing that image into something new. A glitch is a representation of the ways we misunderstand each other and the world. Eric’s work could mean a lot of things. It doesn’t have to mean anything, because it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s… Read more →

Artist Makes a New Year’s Resoluation to Draw a Butt Everyday this Year

http://butts.lol/post/136574417186 Did your New Year’s resolution this year include drawing 365 butts? If not, then you really missed out on an ass-themed opportunity. Artist Charles Vestal, however, is doing just that on his Tumblr butts.lol. Each day of 2016, he’ll draw and share another picture of a butt … bum … ass … backside … whatever you want to call… Read more →

Art from Chiara Spadone / Bari, Italy

From Chiara Spadone: I’m Chiara Spadone a self-taught artist. My painting are just the products of a inner process that make me feel better with my self and with the world. A good alternative to suicide. I have no big pretensions or ambitions. I’m happy if people like my work and they can get emotionally involved.  Hope you like them… Read more →

Covers: 55 Vintage Book Graphics Set in Motion (video)

Covers from Henning M. Lederer on Vimeo. Covers – A series of 55 animated vintage book graphics How would these great book covers from the past look like when set in motion? Here we go… Animation: Henning M. Lederer / led-r-r.net/ Music: Jörg Stierle / soundcloud.com/muschel Sources: Julian Montague Project / montagueprojectsblog.blogspot.de/ Book Worship / bookworship.com/ Read more →

Art from Antonio Páramo (@toni_pg) / Spain & Germany

From Antonio Páramo: My work talks about the beauty and bodies of the unconventional people that love who they are and don’t care about what others say about them. That’s the kind of people I love to draw and photograph. I’m specially in love with plus size women and that’s why I like to draw them so much. I believe that… Read more →

Art from Nick Greenglass (@nickgreenglass) / Bristol, UK

From Nick Greenglass: Based In Bristol I have spent the last year working towards my MA in Multi-Disciplinary printmaking. Much of my work takes influence from the interactions people have with new technologies and I am particularly interested in the effects of electronic culture on identity. I like to work with portraiture and construct images from various layers, at times incorporating… Read more →

Art from Kenneth Rougeau (@krougeau) / United States

Kenneth Rougeau is a digital artist who regularly explores several genres including surrealism, fantasy, abstract, anthropomorphic, and typographical artwork. The themes of his work run the gambit from serious to silly, emotionally evocative to downright bizarre. He began his career by creating a series of 18 digital collages to illustrate Lewis Carroll’s classic fairy tale Alice In Wonderland, and later… Read more →

Happy New Year from bohemianizm!

Hello, bohemians! I’m taking New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day off to spend time with my family. I hope you all had an incredible 2015 and are ready for an amazing 2016! Desirée O   Read more →

Art from Alicia Haberman (@TheConsciousInk) / Brooklyn, NY & Venice, California, US

From a signature free-flowing style of illustration, to custom graphics & set design, Alicia Haberman constantly strives to put a unique stamp on her work. Dividing her time between New York and Los Angeles, Alicia is currently a Production Designer for Pop2life, an award winning experiential marketing and music agency. Her versatile graphic and scenic design background can be attributed… Read more →

Rihanna and Damien Hirst (and a snake)

He is the world’s most controversial living artist. She is one of the world’s most successful pop icons. To celebrate British GQ’s 25th anniversary, these two creative firebrands embarked on an art project the like of which has never been seen before. Read about it here at British GQ. Read more →

Art from Lisa V Robinson (@lisavrobinson) / Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

Lisa V Robinson’s paintings are underpinned by an interest in mark making, colour and form. Rather than reverting to pure abstraction as a method of visualising these interests, she has developed her own painting style which fuses both abstract and representational elements. She looks to the immediate environment for ideas for composition and mark making, such as: architecture, films, reflections, interiors… Read more →

Art from Björn Bauer (@bjornbauerart) / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

From Björn Bauer: I was born in Germany in 1980. When I was 8 years old, my family moved to the Philippines and I spent the rest of my childhood years in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and Malaysia. My love for art began at an early age, I have been drawing literally for as long as I can remember. Nearly everything… Read more →

Art from Saul Yarm (@saulyarm)

From Saul Yarm: My name is Saul Yarm and I am a visual artist seeking to represent people and stories of past and present in such a way that is both imaginative and original. Each piece of art is patiently crafted with detailed technique, before being applied to different mediums to create a style exclusive to my interpretation of modern art.… Read more →

Art from Dave Petraglia (@DavePetraglia) / Florida, US

A Best Small Fictions 2015 Winner, Dave Petraglia‘s writing and photography have appeared in Agave, Chicago Literati, Crack the Spine, Foliate Oak, Gravel, Jersey Devil Press, Necessary Fiction, Pithead Chapel, Popular Science, Prairie Schooner, Stoneboat, theNewerYork, Vine Leaves, and elsewhere. He is a Contributing Editor at Arcadia Magazine. http://drowningbook.com/ – @DavePetraglia – facebook.com/dave.petraglia Read more →

Suaveciclo by Vj Suave: Audiovisual Tricycles Adapted with a Projector, Computer, Speakers (video)

Suaveciclo by Vj Suave from vjsuave on Vimeo. VJ Suave has two audiovisual tricycles adapted with a projector, computer, speakers and batteries. They’re used so that the small narratives with characters and poetry can travel open spaces, lighting the walls on a large scale. The projections illuminate walls, trees, lakes, sidewalks and propose a playful interactivity with the public. With… Read more →

Art from Balwinder Singh (@aaryanarts) / London, UK

From Balwinder Singh: I am a self taught realistic sketch artist. I started sketching in 2013 and love working with graphite pencils and charcoal. I am currently working on my theme titled ‘Poverty, Privation, Pain and Suffering”, creating several sketches to world poverty, a man made plague which has engulfed every part of our society and affecting many unfortunate souls. I… Read more →

Art from The Rock Vandals (@rockvandal) / Newfoundland, Canada

The Rock Vandals are a gang of knitters who engage in craftivism and yarn bombing as a form of rural street art. Our aim is to surprise and delight through creative acts in otherwise neglected spaces. The starfish are a craftivism or creative activism project intended to raise awareness of a sunken ship, off the coast of Newfoundland, leaking oil… Read more →

Art from Louveau (@mlouveau) / Paris, France

Muriel Louveau, born in Brittany, is a French composer, performance-maker, and singer. Muriel began performing age Five and went on to study the history of art and literature. She refers to her compositions as contemporary medieval music inspired by ancient european music, and creates her own imaginary language. “my songs drive us into a cosmopolitan space and time somewhere at the crossroad… Read more →

Art from Priya Chander / India

From Priya Chander: I am Priya Chander Fashion Researcher & Designer from India holding 14 year of experience in fashion research, developing artworks, trends forecasting and analysis. I create my own theme boards, designs and color palettes for the upcoming seasons. For my detailed work please visit my official page –https://www.facebook.com/pages/What-Next-Priya-Chander-Trend-Book/372948049521541?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email My specialization is – · Fashion research, trends analysis and… Read more →

Art from Lee Campbell (@LeetheArtist)

NZ born painter based on Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, London. Lee Campbell – Artist’s Statement Originally from New Zealand where the light is sharp and colours bright I have embraced the hazy atmosphere of England’s landscapes, particularly the river Thames – with it’s tidal variations and misty mornings. The poetry of Robert Graves has provided a haunting dimension to my… Read more →