Stella McCartney and Surrealist Artist Philippa Price Take Us to the ‘The Uncanny Valley’

Stella McCartney has done one heck of a job in NOT just bringing us another fashion video. Teaming up with surrealist artist Philippa Price, the two have created a wonky (and totally stylish) trip down the rabbit hole. It’s quirky, it’s kitschy, it’s freaky and silly. It’s an intense clown-laced nightmare with occasional flashes of nipples and lotsa staring into the camera.

Starring models Megan Nison and Bradley Soileau (who also happens to be Philippa’s boyfriend), you’ll be mesmerized by the film which is the start of a new editorial series called #StellaBy. According to i-D, the project will see “a selection of today’s most exciting artists and creators… reinterpret[ing] the brand’s recent collections.”

Check out “The Uncanny Valley” below…

(h/t i-D)