20 Questions to Consider When Renting an Art Studio


When you’re considering renting an art studio for yourself, it can be incredibly exciting. But it’s also an important decision that you should be sure to make carefully. Getting yourself stuck with a studio that you hate is definitely something you want to avoid.

In order to make sure you’re in the best space for yourself and your artistic needs, check out these 20 questions to consider when renting an art studio.

     1. Is it located in an area that I like / is safe / is easy for me to get to?

     2. Is it in my price range?

     3. Is a deposit required?

     4. Is a contract/lease/agreement required?

     5. Do I have to agree to a certain time-frame (months/years)?

     6. Will I be sharing the space? ⇒ If so, with who? ⇒ Are they suitable studio-mates for me?

     7. Does it provide the space I need?

     8. Does it provide the light I need?

     9. Does it meet my electrical requirements?

     10. Does it provide proper ventilation?

     11. Who is responsible for repairs/upkeep?

     12. Is there a bathroom?

     13. Is there a kitchen area?

     14. What is the building security like?

     15. Are there limited hours/days or do I get access 24/7 and 7 days a week?

     16. Do they provide insurance or do I need to get insurance to use this space?

     17. What is the cancellation/notice policy?

     18. Will this studio inspire me?

     19. Can I create the kind of art I want to here?

     20. Do I love it?


(image via Clipartfest)