3 Reasons No One Cares About Your Art and How You Can Change That


Are you working your butt off to create your art and no one seems to care? Do you love what you do even though no one else seems to? Perhaps your problem is one of the three items on this list. But have no fear, check out how to fix each problem so that your art gets out into the world, gets noticed, and gets the love it deserves.



1 .You’re Not Doing Anything Unique, Interesting, or New

If you’re creating the same type of art as everyone else or if you’re using the same topics and inspiration as everyone else, then your art will merely fade into the background and fail to be noticed.

How to Change That: Explore areas that you wouldn’t immediately think of. Find your individual niche and look for inspiration in unusual places.


2. Your Art Simply Sucks (Sorry! But Maybe?)

You may like your art. Your friends and family may like your art. But that doesn’t mean anyone else will. If you love making art for the love of making art, then whatever you turn out is fine and good. But if you wants others to notice and care about what you’re creating, then you might need to take an honest look at the quality of your work. And remember, skills can be improved. If you suck, it’s not the end of your artistic life.

How to Change That: Improve your skills. Take a class, a course, or a workshop. Perhaps a free online course.


3. No One Knows About It

You might have the coolest, wildest, most amazing art in the world, but no one will care about it if they never find out about it.

How to Change That: Promote yourself! Promote your art! People want to see what you’re creating, so give them what they want. Create a website for yourself. Create social media accounts for yourself. Participate in festivals and artistic events. Get your art out into the world so that people have a chance to love it.


(photo via Picture Quotes)