10 Questions Artists Need to Ask Themselves Regularly


Artists can easily get wrapped up in their creative process and the end results. But along the way, it can be helpful and important to check in with yourself.


Check out these 10 questions that artists need to ask themselves regularly:


1. Why am I currently doing/making whatever is it that I’m doing/making?

2. Am I happy with and proud of what I’m doing/producing?

3. Am I heading in the right direction with my art and/or creative career?

4. Should I be updating/refreshing my art in anyway?

5. Can I improve or expand on what I’m currently doing?

6. What are other artists doing at the moment?

7. What is going on in the creative world at the moment?

8. How am I continuing to feed my love of art?

9. How am I enriching my creativity?

10. Do I need a break or a rest?


Ask yourself these questions and take some time to reflect on the answers.

Try doing it regularly (I suggest monthly or yearly or every time you start/finish a project) and see how your answers change and hopefully progress in some way that you find encouraging or intriguing.


(photo via Pixabay)