Peek Into The Artist’s Studio With Meriliis Rinne (Meru) (@meruarts) / London, England

Meriliis Rinne (Meru) is an Estonian artist who has gained recognition for her works having exhibited in Tallinn, Copenhagen, Oslo and London. Her desire for aesthetics developed from her childhood growing up in the system where all toy designs were certified with communist party at Soviet Union. Remembering lack of beauty and colorful things, and how she began to despise ugliness, referencing the “ugly” toys and a particular memory she recalled as child having same toys, same clothes, even same furniture at home as others. It was dangerous to stand out but it was possible to rebel through the beauty to be individual.


Meru art Studio situates in North London.  In an Old Dairy court there is a secret creative mews. Studio is something intimate and has the face of artist. Usually full of creative mess for the perfect energy to create and concentrate. It is a place where time stops and paint drops… it is ever-changing.

Just give me empty walls full of nothing and I create it into something. It’s always like a world on its own.

PS! What happens in studio stays in studio… only quality artworks getting out there to tell the stories.