Nutscaping: Nuts (as in Testicles) + Landscapes = Nutscapes!

Have you ever looked at your testicles and thought, “Damn! They should be considered a work of art!”? Well, you’re not alone. Nutscapes is just what you think it is, nuts + landscapes = nutscapes. Those endowed with balls and bravery are dropping their pants in lovely locations in order to snap a pic of their dangling bits in front of nature’s finest.

You can check out a few examples below or if you’re wanting to indulge in your own Nutscaping artistry, check out’s guide to the perfect nut-snapping pic.


1. Find yourself somewhere awesome.

2. Turn your back to the awesome scene.

3. Drop your pants.

4. Bend over and shoot Nutscape back through your legs.


1. Keep it Loose: sweatpants, athletic shorts, and pants without zippers and buttons make for easiest access.

2. Find your balance: adjust width of stance to accommodate hanging state (high or low) of nuts.

3. Easy now: when Nutscaping at height use free hand to anchor.

4. Mind the tip: we’re not into dick-pics.

5. Work together: it’s OK to collaborate when necessary.

*Diagrams to Come*

So what’s your favorite? The one with testicles and beaches, testicles and snow, testicles and cows, or testicles and the Colosseum?

Coming soon: Dickscaping, Boobscaping, and Vagscaping. Please avoid: Analscaping.

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