Edvard Munch’s 100-Year-Old Paintbrushes Have Been Digitally Recreated for You to Use


Thanks to Adobe’s “The Hidden Treasures of Creativity” project, you can now use the 100-year-old paintbrushes of Edvard Munch. While the artist who famously created “The Scream” used paints as well as pastels, seven of his original brushes  have been digitally recreated by master Photoshop brush maker Kyle T. Webster in collaboration with The Munch Museum in Oslo.



Now, the digital brushes have been made available in Creative Cloud for Photoshop and Sketch users to create their own Munch-like masterpieces.

Imagine being able to use the brushes once wielded by a master like Edvard Munch. From the vaults of the Oslo Munch museum they have now been digitally recreated by Photoshop expert Kyle T. Webster for you to use. How might they inspire your creativity ?

You can download Edvard Munch’s paintbrushes here.


(h/t Independent; photos via Adobe)