Here Are the 10 Most Painful Spots to Get a Tattoo


Getting a tattoo hurts. That’s pretty obvious and anyone expecting to get inked without a fair-share of pain is, well, a damned fool. But there just so happens to be some places on your bod that hurt more than others when it comes to suffering for permanent art.

The fine folks over at Toronto’s The Village Ink have provided a list of the 10 most painful locations to get a tattoo:

1. Hands

2. Feet

3. Elbow

4. Back of Knee

5. Inner Arm

6. Chest

7. Sternum

8. Head

9. Ribs

10. Spine

They’ve even provided a handy-dandy info-graphic showing why each spots hurts so friggin’ bad…



For more info, check out The Village Ink’s post that will give you all of the painful details.


(photo via licel/Pixabay)