5 Reasons Why Mondays Are Awesome For Creative People

Not everyone hates Mondays as much as we’re led to believe. Granted, many people have a totally justifiable reason for loathing the first day of the work week, but for creative types, it’s not really a day that fills us with as much grief or apparent rage as others. Here are a few reasons why that is.

1. Creative people often have jobs that don’t rely on the normal Mon-Fri, 9-5 grind, so Monday is often just another day.

2. When you love what you do, you can’t wait to start another week spending every day doing exactly that.

3. Mondays can be a fresh start and the beginning of all kinds of new creative opportunities (like calls for submissions and creative job openings).

4. There are always a lot of fun and interesting creative news bits buzzing from the weekend before.

5. Sometimes we just have no freakin’ idea what day it is anyway, so why would we care (or be mad) that it’s Monday?! ;P