Metal Singer is Walking 520km to Band’s Next Show After Losing a Drunken Bet (video)

When I was young, I knew a guy who lost a bet with his friends and had to wear the same tie-dye shirt for an entire year. Hopefully, Swedish metal singer Joakim Brodén won’t need a year to fulfill the terms of the bet he recently lost.

Joakim Brodén, the aggressively facial-haired frontman of Swedish metal group Sabaton is currently in the midst of his own Terry Fox/Forrest Gump style journey. This marathon of dopes is actually the result of a drunken bet he lost with his bandmates, with the loser forced to walk from their hometown of Falun to the Trondheim Metal Fest in Norway. [AUX]

Check out part 1 of his video diary of the journey below where he explains how he got himself into this mess in the first place (with a little bit of “Fuck man, this sucks.”):