Find Out Why These Men Are Drawing Each Other in the Nude


Naked artists are nothing new around here — just take a peek at Brent Ray Fraser and Milo Moiré — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for any and every artist to embrace their nekkid-lovin’ ways. That’s where Shungaboy found himself which is why he started The Men’s Naked Drawing Group.

Shungaboy wants to paint, but even more so, he wants to be naked. The Men’s Naked Drawing Group, which Shungaboy founded, is a group of like-minded nudists who want a place to explore their art without judgment. In a small studio in SoHo, they do just that, meeting every two weeks to rediscover their naked selves. … “The natural body is actually more attractive than the chiseled hunk,” Shungaboy says, which may as well be the motto of this accepting group of painters.


Why This Band of NYC Men Love Painting Each Other in the Nude from Narratively on Vimeo.


(h/t Narratively; photo via screenshot)