Creative Resource Links (04.13.17)



Check out these creative resources from around the web this week:



Learn How to Draw a Cartoon of Yourself (Artists Network)


In the Dark | A Place for Black in Your Pastel Color Palette (Artists Network)


13 Tips for Better Pastel Paintings (Artists Network)


Should You Sell Your Work on Third-Party Sites? (Arts Business Institute)


Designing a Stained Glass Cathedral for Miniature Gaming (Make)


Learn the Loopy Jacob’s Ladder Crochet Technique (Craftsy)


5 Tricks for Better, Faster, Smarter Quilting (Craftsy)


Sew an Adorable Easter Bunny Bag — in Less Than 10 Steps! (Craftsy)


A FREE Easter Bunny Quilt Block Tutorial (Craftsy)



The Perks of Being an Extra (Backstage)


The 1 Thing That Will Immediately Kill Your Acting Career (Backstage)


3 Wishes Your Agent Probably Has (Backstage)


5 Tips for Strong Camera Auditions (Backstage)


What Should Be in Every Actor’s Dance Bag? (Backstage)


5 Styles of Dance Every Performer Should Know! (Backstage)


What Choreographers Look for When Hiring Dancers (Backstage)


How to Deal With Scheduling Conflicts (Backstage)



How To Stay Safe And Sound While Rocking It At A Concert (Music Think Tank)


New Infographic “The Sound Of Music” Looks At Famous Songs In An Unusual Way (Music Think Tank)


7 Opportunities Unsigned Artists Have That Signed Musicians Don’t (Music Industry How-To)



How to Write a Journal: 6 Tips (The Write Practice)


Writing Rituals, Superstitions and Lucky Charms, Part One, by Becke Martin Davis (Romance University)


How the Wrong Tone Can Change Your Whole Novel (Fiction University)


Writers Wear a LOT of Hats (Fiction University)


6 Ways Netflix Can Make You a Better Writer (Fiction University)


5 Steps to Creating a Productive Blogging To Do List (ProBlogger)



(image via Gerd Altmann)

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