Creative Resource Links (04.06.17)



Check out these creative resources from around the web this week:



Painting the Mouth: Lessons from the Masters by Candace Bohannon (Artists Network)


Color Is the Language of Mother Nature (Artists Network)


3 Artists Tips | Getting the Most Mileage out of Your Favorite Subject (Artists Network)


Drawing Materials and Methods: Five Tips from Drawing Magazine, Winter 2017 (Artists Network)


How to Choose an Easy-to-Follow Crochet Pattern (Craftsy)


How to Plan for a Perfect Fit With Tissue Fitting (Craftsy)


How to Crochet a Baby Hat Step by Step (Craftsy)


What to Do When You Run Out of Yarn (Hint: Don’t Panic!) (Craftsy)


Are You Disorganized? It Could be Hurting Your Art Business (Art Business Institute)



Make a Ninja Star Fidget Spinner (Make)


Tips of the Week: Holding Nuts with Tape, Paper Patterns and Templates, Acetate Over-Notes (Make)



6 Tips For Auditioning With a Dialect (Backstage)


How To Prepare For Recording Your Voiceover Demo (Backstage)


Don’t Be an Actor Robot (Backstage)


The Only 5 Emotions Worth Playing (Backstage)


How Not to Answer an Agent’s Questions (Backstage)


How to Play the Villain (Backstage)


3 Money Goals Every Actor Should Make in 2017 (Backstage)


How to Find the Acting Class That’s Right for You (Backstage)


1 New Platform for Short Filmmakers and Their Stars (Backstage)


6 Lessons From a Broadway Star (Backstage)



6 Ways To Make Sure You’re Leaving Nothing On The (Merch) Table (Music Think Tank)


Why You’re Not Getting What You Want (Music Think Tank)


Why Unsigned Bands Should Stop Wasting Money On Radio Pluggers (Music Think Tank)


7 Best Loop Pedals For Vocals, Guitar And Live Performances (Music Industry How-To)


How To Get Bloggers To Cover Your New Release (Music Industry How-To)


4 Tips to Become a Better Singer (Backstage)



Why Music Is a Writer’s Secret Weapon (+ Win a Year of Music for Writing) (The Write Practice)


How to Write the Perfect First Page (The Write Practice)


5 Blogging Tips From A Social Entrepreneur (ProBlogger)


The Devil’s in the Details (Romance University)


Stuck on Your Plot? Change Your Story Question (Fiction University)


Some Musings on Co-Writing a Novel (Fiction University)


A Fun Way to Brainstorm Story Ideas (Fiction University)


Real Life Diagnostics: Does This Conversation Sound Natural? (Fiction University)


Real Life Diagnostics: Should You Keep a Flash-Forward Opening? (Fiction University)


Revision Workshop: I’ve Revised My Novel. Now What? (Fiction University)


3 Proofreading Pointers, So Your Writing Isn’t Shared for the Wrong Reason (CopyBlogger)


(image via Gerd Altmann)

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