Kidffiti: Harmless Kiddie Street-Art or Fueling Future Vandals?

Kidffiti is sidewalk chalk taken up a notch! It’s called “spray chalk” and looks and acts like spray paint. So, here’s the question: Is it fun family-friendly street-art? Or is it encouraging future vandals…and even drug dealers?! Seriously, this is being suggested…

Taking the “broken windows” law enforcement theory to absurd extremes, New York State Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, of Queens, has voiced his desire to ban a toy called Kidffiti. The kit sold at Toys R Us includes stenciling tools. Sprayable chalk that imitates spray paint is sold separately. “Graffiti is just the first act of vandalism. It oftentimes leads to drug abuse and drug sales,” Goldfeder said. [ANIMAL NY]

Would/will you buy Kidffiti for your children? Is it harmless fun or encouraging illegal behavior? Leave your comments below!