Kate McKinnon Will Be Voicing Ms. Frizzle as the Magic School Bus Rides Again

We can’t deny that we were ready, willing and waiting eagerly for a new set of field trips when Netflix announced that they were rebooting the Magic School Bus. But now, with buzz coming out that Kate McKinnon is set to sit behind the wheel as the beloved Ms. Frizzle, we’re downright giddy to head back to class as the Magic School Bus Rides Again.

Fans of the original program — which ran during the mid-90’s and continues to be enjoyed by kids today — will remember well Lily Tomlin’s voice in more than 50 episodes as the quirky teacher, Ms. Frizzle. Leading her class on magical field trips that were both totally fun and totally educational, we all wanted to be able to jump on the magic school bus.

Now, as kids get ready for new adventures, SNL‘s Kate McKinnon will be taking over as Ms. Frizzle which, really, is some pretty darn perfect casting.

The actress — who also recently played the equally quirky Jillian Holtzmann in 2016’s Ghostbusters alongside Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones — has just the right amount of magic and moxie to make up the ideal substitute for one of our all-times favorite teachers.

We can only hope that each one of the Ghostbustin’ ladies pops up as a Magic School Bus rider as we’ve been promised not only recurring characters, but also some pretty special celebrity guests.


(h/t AV Club; Gifs via Giphy)