This John Lennon Suit Is Being Sold for $50,000+


In the early years of the Beatles’ career, their manager, Brian Epstein, hired British tailor Douglas Millings to create suits for the musicians to help shape their clean-cut image. Eventually creating more than 500 looks for the fellas, Millings even appeared in A Hard Day’s Night as the group’s (you guessed it!) tailor.



Now, one of the suits that Millings created for John Lennon is being auctioned off with a starting big of $50,000. Nate D. Sanders Auctions describes the treasure as a “custom-made two-piece suit worn with The Beatles, circa 1965. Tweed houndstooth 4-button suit is made by Beatles tailor Douglas Millings, who was hired by Brian Epstein to create most of The Beatles stage-worn outfits during the early and mid-sixties.”



The description continues, saying that there are “‘D.A. Millings & Son’ logos affixed to it: the first to the interior lining of the jacket, and the second with ‘John’ handwritten upon it, to the interior breast pocket. ‘John’ is also handwritten twice in red ink on the pants below the zipper.” This was apparently so that each Beatle could easily find their outfits during quick costume changes between songs.

If you have a cool $50k+ in your back pocket and wanna bid on some stylish Beatles memorabilia, then check out John Lennon’s suit on Nate D. Sanders Auctions.


(h/t The Hollywood Reporter; photos via Nate D. Sanders Auctions)