Harry Potter: The Official Coloring Book #1

Coloring books are all the rage right now and it’s not only kids getting in on the fun. Coloring books for adults are hitting the market hard and fast, but here’s one that’s bound to stand out.

The much beloved world of Harry Potter is ready for you to bring to life with your own personal touch of color in the pages of Harry Potter: The Official Coloring Book #1.

Packed with stunning pieces of artwork from the Warner Bros. archive, this deluxe coloring book gives fans the chance to color in the vivid settings and beloved characters of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. Containing intricate line drawings used in the making of the Harry Potter films, this coloring book includes fan-favorite scenes, creatures, and characters: from Dobby and baby Norbert to Quidditch games and the unforgettable final battle between Harry and Lord Voldemort.