Fender Made a Million Dollar Fabergé Guitar


Granted, any musician will appreciate a shnazzy guitar created with great consideration and care. However, the Fender Fabergé Pine Cone Stratocaster takes luxe right over the top. With diamonds, silver, gold and a finish invented specifically for this instrument, this guitar would put you back a cool million dollars to call your own. Although, really, this piece of art is priceless.


Here are a few of the guitar’s (mind-blowing) details…

Diamonds: “550 high-grade diamonds are hand-embedded into the body to make them level with its surface. Fingerboard inlays, side dots and a carved headstock “belt” are also crowned with the spectacular jewels.”

Silver: “Each Pine Cone “scale” is gilded with fine silver and 18-karat gold after being traced and hand carved from a 3-D original egg image projected onto the instrument.”

Gold: “Shishkov hand-inlaid 10 feet of 18-karat gold wire trellis into the fingerboard. The hand-engraved hardware is also gold-plated, including custom knobs milled from scratch and adorned with diamonds.”



To complete the look, guitar maker Yuriy Shishkov invented a finish that gives the instrument a “warm, subtle look” that “painstakingly mimics” the classic eggshell gloss of the famous Fabergé egg.

The Pine Cone Stratocaster is accompanied by an authentic limited-edition Fabergé Pine Cone Easter egg with matching serial number. The egg is signed by Maison Tatiana Fabergé and, like the original, features a miniature elephant inside. Completing the astounding presentation are a premium lighted display case, velvet box and hand-tooled matching blue leather strap.

Check out the Fender Fabergé Pine Cone Stratocaster in the video below:



(h/t Aux; photo via Fender)