“David”, “Venus de Milo”, and “The Thinker” Become Action Figures

If you’re sick of superheros and army rangers taking on all of the danger during playtime, then try tossing some famous art icons into the mix with “David”, “Venus de Milo”, and “The Thinker” action figures.

These and other art historical what-ifs could soon be at your fingertips thanks to The Table Museum, a line of action figures based on iconic sculptures from Japanese toy manufacturer FREEing. In addition to “David” and “The Thinker” — available in both bronze and plaster models — the line features a “Venus de Milo,” complete with attachable arms.

Bad news, though. “Venus de Milo” and “The Thinker” are apparently no longer available for purchase, but you can still get your hands on “David”. “…the David action figure is available for preorder until November 25 through the Good Smile Company online toy store.”

*Via Hyperallergic.