Check Out What Damien Hirst Is Building BENEATH His Mansion

Damien Hirst, a.k.a. the world’s richest living artist and the man who made dead sharks and diamond-covered skulls into high art, is tackling a new creative project, but this time it’s more for his own personal pleasures.

Hirst is adding onto his historic London home, BUT the addition will be completely underground.

The massive home, which cost Hirst £39.5 million (~$57.9 million) in 2014 and already boasts 14 bedrooms, is located in a prestigious neighborhood in one of the most expensive cities in the world, which must make it difficult to get permission to make large changes or additions, not to mention that it is listed as a Grade I building by Historic England which restricts how it can be altered.

Therefore, Hirst’s new addition will be created underground, beneath his half-acre garden.

According to Hyperallergic, the project, once “completed, it will include a sauna, a steam room, a two-story-tall ‘art room,’ a cargo elevator capable of lifting large-scale artworks weighing up to 11 tons, and an 82-foot-long swimming pool.”

Everything a supremely rich artist needs in an underground lair, amirite?!

(h/t Hyperallergic, Images by Purcell, via, Photo by pr/undercover press officers&event designers/Flickr)