Creative Resource Links (05.18.17)



Check out these creative resources from around the web this week:



Basic Drawing Techniques: Draw a Compelling Still Life in 5 Steps (Artists Network)


Bold Brush Strokes and Drippy Washes (Artists Network)


These Acrylic Flowers Will Make You Want to Grab Your Paintbrush (Artists Network)


3 Things You Don’t Want to Forget When Drawing Heads and Faces (Artists Network)


Painting Knife Techniques (Artists Network)


How Encouragement and Inspiration Lead to Better Artists (Artists Network)


Want to Learn How to Crochet? Start Here! (Craftsy)


What’s the Right Crochet Hook for Beginners? (Craftsy)


Speedy Stitches: How to Crochet Faster (Craftsy)


Make This FREE Quilt Pattern in a Flash (With No Wasted Fabric!) (Craftsy)


Dude Be Nice – Mastering the Art of Constructive Criticism (Digital Photography School)


Tips for Location Scouting to Get the Perfect Sunset Photograph (Digital Photography School)


Comparing a 50mm Versus 85mm Lens for Photographing People (Digital Photography School)


Why There are 6 Types of Lightroom Previews and How to Use Them (Digital Photography School)


7 Photography Debates – Which Side Are You On? (Digital Photography School)


How to Organically Grow Your Instagram Following (Digital Photography School)



How to Use Epoxy to Salvage Cracked Wood (Make)


Want to Help NASA Make a FabLab in Space? (Make)


Tips of the Week: Wire Splicing, Table Saw Router, and Flea Market Brainstorming (Make)



A Casting Director Explains Why Your Audition Isn’t Memorable (Backstage)


The 1 Thing Actors Do Wrong When it Comes to Money (Backstage)


What to Know About Auditioning for a Theme Park (Backstage)


The 1 Audition Trick That Will Book the Job (Backstage)


How the Oldest Musical Theater Program in the Country Provides Individualized Training (Backstage)


Why Time (and Your Casting Director) Waits for No One (Backstage)


4 Questions to Ask Before Cutting a Clip From Your Reel (Backstage)



Hit The Road: 3 Tips For The Ultimate Summer Following Your Favorite Bands (Music Think Tank)


3 Easy Fixes To Make Your Music Website Even Better (Music Think Tank)


12 Music Review Blogs Which Accept Song Submissions (Music Industry How-To)


Summer Safety: 4 Tips For Staying Safe At Concerts This Season (Music Think Tank)



5 Ways to Survive Rejection as a Writer (Fiction University)


Put the Science in Your Science Fiction (Fiction University)


Lighten Up! Cutting Down Your Word Count (Fiction University)


Building an Author Platform with Ginger Monette (Romance University)


The Fundamental Secret to Finding Time to Write (The Write Practice)


How Do You Blog Consistently When You Have Very Little Time? (ProBlogger)


Prolific Content Creation With Kelly Exeter (ProBlogger)


How to Launch a Book the Smart Way! (The Positive Writer)


(image via Gerd Altmann)

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