Creative Resource Links (05.11.17)



Check out these creative resources from around the web this week:



The WOW Factor | 10 Ways to Catch a Juror’s Eye (Artists Network)


How Your Simple Drawings Can Be Part of Something Big (Artists Network)


Draw a House Using Two-Point Perspective (Artists Network)


18 Amazing Watercolor Paintings Worth Celebrating (Artists Network)


Hand Drawing Made Simple: Key Techniques for Confident Results (Artists Network)


Sew a Fast & Fun Plant Hanger With Just ½ a Yard of Fabric (Craftsy)


How to Fearlessly Knit a Provisional Cast-On (Craftsy)


Craft a Flowery Teacup Decoration for Mother’s Day (Make)


How to Crop to Exact Pixel Size Using Photoshop (Digital Photography School)


3 Useful Accessories for Landscape Photography (Digital Photography School)


How to Create Abstract Images With a Soft-Focus Look Using Vaseline (Digital Photography School)


5 Composition Tips for Landscape Photography (Digital Photography School)


Low-Key Photography – Highlighting Darkness (Digital Photography School)




The Very First Thing You Should Do on Set (Backstage)


3 Words Every Actor Should Live By (Backstage)


5 More Ways to Dig Deeper for TV + Film Auditions (Backstage)


What American Actors Should Know About Moving to the U.K. (Backstage)


5 Ways to Be Your Own Agent (Backstage)


How to Build a ‘Memory Palace’ (and Why You Should) (Backstage)


7 Smart Things You Should Do After Graduating From a Drama Program (Backstage)


How to Build a Giant Online Following With Cosplay (Backstage)



How To Safeguard Against the Fast-Changing Social Media Landscape for Musicians (Music Industry How-To)


The Top Five Things Every Singer/Songwriter Is Doing That Need To Be Fixed (Music Think Tank)


6 Tips for Marking Your Audition Music + 8 Terms You Need to Know (Backstage)



4 Quick Tips to Edit Any Short Story (The Write Practice)


How to Get Out of a Slump in Your Writing (The Write Practice)


An Easy Way to Create Conflict in Your Novel by Janice Hardy (Romance University)


What to Do if You Think You Have the Wrong Protagonist (Fiction University)



(image via Gerd Altmann)

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