Creative Resource Links (05.04.17)



Check out these creative resources from around the web this week:



Using Japanese Notan Design Principles For Plein Air Painting (Lori McNee Art & Fine Art Tips)


Creative Layering Techniques for Abstract Painting (Artists Network)


Before You Try to Sell Your Art, Know These Things (Artists Network)


10 Ways to Tell You Are a Pastel Artist (Artists Network)


Picture Framing Tips: What’s the Right Hardware for Your Frame? (Artists Network)


Getting Started With Gouache: What Supplies Do You Need? (Craftsy)


DIY Watercolor Paint Made With Common Kitchen Supplies (Craftsy)


Beginner Basics: How to Sew Darts in 3 Steps (Craftsy)


Wildlife in Context – The Short Lens Approach to Wildlife Photography (Digital Photography School)


How to Plan a Successful Sunset Portrait Session (Digital Photography School)


How to Start and Finish a Photography Project (Digital Photography School)


How to Choose the Right Monitor for Photo Editing (Digital Photography School)


6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Standard Lens for Street Photography (Digital Photography School)



How I Built a Giant Mechanical Iris Skylight with a CNC Router (Make)


End Grain Cutting Board with CNC Inlay (Make)


Build a 1930’s Style Dieselpunk Cellphone (Make)



A Voiceover Actor’s Secret Weapon? The Right Rehearsal Process (Backstage)


How to Be the AD’s Favorite Extra on Set (Backstage)


2 Things Your Acting Needs to Book Work Right Now (Backstage)


Want to Be on Broadway? 7 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To (Backstage)


5 Keys to a Successful Self-Taped Audition (and 5 Things Not to Do) (Backstage)


Can Your Clothes Make or Break an Audition? (Backstage)


How to Behave Your First Day on Set (Backstage)


How to Be an Actor in Texas (Backstage)


Headshots: U.K. vs. L.A. (Backstage)



How To Get Your Band Booked At Music Festivals (Music Think Tank)


The Complete Guide To Marketing Your Music Online (Music Think Tank)


Tips For Launching Your First Indie Album (Music Think Tank)


How To Improve Your Timekeeping and Rhythmic Feel On Any Instrument (Music Industry How To)


How To Start Busking And Street Performing (Music Industry How To)



Writers: NEVER Settle (Positive Writer)


Why Dynamic Characters Don’t Need to Change (The Write Practice)


The One Secret to Finishing Your Writing Projects (The Write Practice)


3 Secrets Great Writers Know About Experimental Fiction (The Write Practice)


⇒ Goal, Motivation, and Conflict (Romance University)


⇒ The Importance of Cover Design (Romance University)


⇒ Splices and splits and filters, oh my! (Romance University)


Indie Publishing Paths: What’s Your Master Publishing Plan? (Fiction University)


Characters: The Real Storytellers (Fiction University)


6 Ways to Identify a Contrived Plot (Fiction University)



(image via Gerd Altmann)

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