Creative Resource Links (04.20.17)



Check out these creative resources from around the web this week:



6 Essential Oils to Boost Your Creativity (Craftsy)


How to Loosen up Your Watercolor Painting (Craftsy)


Create Custom Journals, Artists! (Artists Network)


Painting Whites in Watercolor (Artists Network)


Figure Painter Melissa Breault on Using a Photo Reference (Artists Network)


To Title or Not to Title: Is That the Question? (Artists Network)


Five Ways to Improve Your Composition Skills (Digital Photography School)


How to Photograph Northern Lights (The Aurora Borealis) (Digital Photography School)


5 Non-Portrait Ideas For Photographing Kids (Digital Photography School)


How to Build a Travel Photography Portfolio (Digital Photography School)


How to Create a Retro Faded Look Using Lightroom or Photoshop (Digital Photography School)


How to Photograph Hummingbirds (Digital Photography School)


5 Tips for Photographing Street Portraits (Digital Photography School)


7 Ways to Become More Spontaneous with Your Street Photography (Digital Photography School)


6 Tips (From Quilters Like You!) for Staying Motivated Through a Huge Quilt (Craftsy)


5+ Ways to Start a Crochet Project (Craftsy)


How to Knit Cables Without a Cable Needle (Craftsy)


“Can I Knit Another Sock?” How to Tell If You’ve Got Enough Yarn (Craftsy)



Build Metal Tool Racks Without Welding (Make)


Add a T-Slot Bed to Your X-Carve for Easy, Rigid Workholding (Make)


3 Crucial Steps Before You Manufacture Your Product (Make)



2 Things Casting Directors Need in a Demo Reel (Backstage)


5 Quick Memorization Tips for Auditioning Actors (Backstage)


3 Ways to Succeed in Los Angeles (Backstage)


What It’s Like to Be a Child Understudy on Broadway (Backstage)


3 Things Every Great Demo Reel Needs (Backstage)


3 Tips For Choosing the Right Headshot Photographer (Backstage)


Comedy Improv Isn’t the Only Improv: 4 Benefits of Improvisation for Actors (Backstage)


How to Set Up a Home Voiceover Studio (Backstage)


How to Be Present in the Casting Room (Backstage)


13 Apps Every Actor Should Use (Backstage)



What Is Compression In Music Production? (Music Industry How-to)


Why You Don’t Need A Record Label To Be Successful (Music Think Tank)


Karaoke: The Funnest Way To Relieve Stress (Music Think Tank)


Martial Music: 5 Reasons To Consider Joining A Military Band (Music Think Tank)


Eight Things Every Musician Website Must Have (Music Think Tank)


The Benefits of Music Therapy (Music Think Tank)



5 Tips for Surviving Criticism of Your Writing (The Write Practice)


5 Ways to Write Faster (ProBlogger)


⇒ 3 Character Tips from a Writing Craft Geek by Melinda Curtis (Romance University)


Stuck on a Scene? Try This Trick (Fiction University)


Writers, is Everything Going According to Plan? (Fiction University)


Character Lessons From “Malcolm in the Middle” (Fiction University)


Writing Prompt: The Skill Builder: The Point of Your Point of View (Fiction University)


To Write or Not to Write Short? (Fiction University)



(image via Gerd Altmann)

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