5 Clever Ideas for Your Art Studio or Office


Do you want to freshen-up your studio and/or office? Are you looking for a few ideas to keep things organized while still being functional and inspirational? Well then, check out the suggestions below for some quick, clever, and quirky ways to enjoy your creative space even more.


1. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard walls have been around for a bit now, but have you considered creating one in your studio and/or office? Use it to capture quick bursts of inspiration, sudden sketches, or literary inklings and ideas. Check out Apartment Therapy‘s awesome example above.


Not ready to commit to an entire wall? What about…

1 ½. Chalkboard Filing Cabinet

Just as useful, but on a smaller scale, you can use a chalkboard filing cabinet to sketch out ideas, jot down notes, or merely label your drawers like the pic above. Mox & Fodder has a tutorial if you want to give it a try.


2. Sliding Supply Holder (Using a Shoe Organizer)

Organizing your supplies can be tricky when space is limited and you want to keep them close at hand. Scrapbooks etc. has a solution. Pop a shoe organizer onto a curtain rod and voila! You have a sliding supply holder. Perfect for a “cozy” studio or home office.


3. Peg Board Supply Holder

Another inexpensive but effective way to organize your supplies is to use a peg board. Slip in some hooks and you can hang most supplies on their own. Everything else can be placed in containers, cans, and netting connected to the board. Lady of the Arts has an amazing example of how a peg board can keep your creative space organized.


4. Repurpose Your Bookshelf

Have an old bookshelf lying around? Make a few adjustments and turn it into any kind of storage shelf you want. Flip it over, add some particle board to customize the shelves to meet your needs and you have a great place for your fabric, canvases, or other artistic odds and ends. Think this is great? Check out more at Craftaholics Anonymous.


5. Studio Swing!

Now this one’s just for fun, because honestly, how awesome would it be to have a swing in your studio or office? Need to relax, stretch your legs, think, get perspective? Hop on the swing! Check out Ester Roi on her amazing studio swing above or in the little video below.


(art studio image by Unsplash/Pixabay)