Cindy Sherman Is The World’s Richest Female Artist and She’s Worth More Than You’d Think


The only woman to ever make the list of the top 15 richest living artists at #11, Cindy Sherman and her photography have become iconic examples of American art.

Her estimated net worth: $35 million (US)

It doesn’t quite match the $300-500 million that Jeff Koons is worth or the whopping $1 billion that Damien Hirst is reportedly banking, but it’s impressive all the same.

Love it or hate it, photographer Cindy Sherman’s whimsical works are the second, Untitled #96 (1981), $3,890,500; and fifth, Untitled #153(1985), $2.7 million, most expensive photographs in the world. [Complex]

Untitled #96 (1981), worth $3,890,500
Untitled #153 (1985), worth $2.7 million