Check Out the ‘Graffiti Gals’ of Valencia, Spain


Take a tour of the city and all of the street art it has to offer with the Graffiti Gals of Valencia, Spain in this short video by Isabella Cuevas Pierson.

“[Graffiti is] a way of demonstrating to people that the streets actually speak, that the city is more than just a place. It’s people and the people’s thoughts and the people’s feelings… I think [graffiti] is a way of reminding people that art is everywhere, that art isn’t just cathedrals and paintings, anybody can make art, and that anybody can express what they think and that they city’s ours, the citizens.”


Graffiti Gals from Isabella Cuevas Pierson on Vimeo.


(h/t Isabella Cuevas Pierson; photo via screenshot)