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Check Out The Word “Writer” Translated Into 103 Different Languages

Among the most popular posts on Bohemianizm remain a few constants: Check Out the Word “Artist” Translated Into 91 Different Languages Check Out the Word “Music” Translated Into 104 Different Languages Check Out the Word “Creative” Translated Into 70 Languages That’s why it just makes sense to check out the word “writer” translated into 103 different languages. * I’m relying on… Read more →

5 Reasons Why Artists (and All Other Creative Professionals) Should Write Poetry

  Writing poetry isn’t something that should remain for poets alone. Artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creative professionals can all benefit from penning their own poems.   Here are 5 reasons why artists, musicians, filmmakers, and other creative professionals should write poetry:   1. Open Your Creative Mind Inspiration, new techniques, and fresh insights can all come to you while… Read more →

Pixar Offers Free Online Lessons in Storytelling

  Along with being an expression of beliefs and emotions, art in all forms is a type of stroytelling. That’s why writers, visual artists, and filmmakers alike will want to check out Pixar’s FREE online storytelling course. The Art of Storytelling offers lessons from Pixar directors and story artists including Inside Out and Up director Pete Docter, Brave director Mark… Read more →

23 Free Online Writing Courses

  Are you a writer who’s looking to sharpen their skills or a newbie who wants to get into the writing game? If so, here a 23 free online courses that include everything from fiction writing to song-lyric writing, essay skills to grammar skills. While some courses offer a certificate for a fee, you can study all at absolutely no cost.… Read more →

20 Rediscovered Poems by Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda Will Be Released As New Book

An exciting rediscovery of 20 poems by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda will result in the English publication of the work by non-profit publisher Copper Canyon Press. The poems were found by archivists last June, in boxes kept at the Pablo Neruda foundation in Santiago, Chile. They were published by Neruda’s Spanish publisher, Seix Barral, but have not yet been released in English. The earliest… Read more →