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10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars of 2017

Youtube is not only a platform that allows video-makers of (nearly) all levels to introduce fans to their content, it can also be a way for performers, musicians, comedians, makeup artists, and more to support themselves through their art. With millions of subscribers around the world racking up millions of views every day, these Youtubers pulled in millions of dollars… Read more →

Ozzy Man Reviews the Arts

  For those of you who are unaware: Ozzy Man is an Australian fella on Youtube who is known for “reviewing wildlife, sport, WTF vids, game of thrones and the odd movie. Bloody tellin’ it straight. No bullshit.” With 1,436,540 subscribers and 274,519,039 views, it’s safe to say he’s friggin’ hilarious. Check out the videos below in which Ozzy Man takes on… Read more →

Why Children’s Drawings Matter to Kids & Adults Alike

  Check out this awesome video via The School of Life explaining why children’s drawings matter, not only to the little ones creating them, but also for anyone who adores them, and the adults who could learn from them. Children can’t draw very well in the technical sense – but their art has important value for us nevertheless.   Read more →

MOCA’s “The Artist’s Studio” Goes Behind the Scenes of the Creative Process

  The creative process that goes into shaping a piece of art can be just as intriguing as the finished product. That’s why you’ll love “The Artist’s Studio” from the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Found on their MOCAtv Youtube channel, the 36 videos (with more still being added) feature “films and interviews investigating and revealing the artist’s process.” With over… Read more →

Harry Potter and the Politics of Hate

  Check out this intriguing video by Kaija Siirala (via Fandor) that breaks down how the Harry Potter series takes on “the politics of hate.”   A post shared by Rachael 🤚🏻👋🏻🤚🏻 (@dulciedoodles) on May 13, 2017 at 7:55am PDT   (photo via Warner Bros. Pictures) Read more →

Artist Annette Labedzki’s Paint Mixing Videos Are Absolutely Mesmerizing

A post shared by Annette Labedzki (@annettelabedzki) on Feb 18, 2017 at 11:05am PST   Plenty of people have taken on paint-mixing videos (yes, it sounds simple, but holy geez are they addictive to watch), but IMHO, Annette Labedzki‘s are among the best. Posting various techniques including smearing rainbows of colors, mirroring the video, and even using frozen paint which… Read more →

Cutting Hair with Fire Is an Art Like No Other

Cutting Hair with Fire: The Last of the Milanese Barbers from Great Big Story on Vimeo.   Stylists may always be searching for new ways to tackle your mane, but some old-school barbers are doing their best to keep the classic techniques around. That includes Franco Bompieri who cuts hair with fire. Yep, FIRE! Franco Bompieri owns Antica Barbieria Colla, the… Read more →

Popping a Balloon Underwater In Slow-Motion Is Unexpectedly Intense

  It would be safe to assume that popping a balloon underwater would be pretty darn cool, especially when you’re able to view it in super slow-motion. But it turns out that it’s actually surprisingly intense and a video exists to prove it. Created by Warped Perception, they explain, “We pop an air balloon underwater and film it with our Phantom… Read more →

Check Out the ‘Graffiti Gals’ of Valencia, Spain

  Take a tour of the city and all of the street art it has to offer with the Graffiti Gals of Valencia, Spain in this short video by Isabella Cuevas Pierson. “[Graffiti is] a way of demonstrating to people that the streets actually speak, that the city is more than just a place. It’s people and the people’s thoughts and… Read more →

You’re Gonna LOVE This Mini Screen-Printing Rig

  Screen-printing is pretty darn cool and lotsa fun on its own. Shrink it all down to a teeny tiny version of the entire process and you have this miniature t-shirt printing rig designed by Devin Smith (shared via Colossal).   Miniature T-Shirt Printing Rig from Colossal on Vimeo.   (photo via screenshot) Read more →

Find Out How Sotheby’s Determines the Value of Art

  If you’ve ever wondered what makes art valuable, Sotheby’s specialists are here to explain the ten core criteria that are considered for all items that pass through their doors, from paintings to sculpture, jewelry and even wine. Each short video addresses one specific criteria, including authenticity, condition, rarity, provenance, historical importance, size, fashion, subject matter, medium and quality. Check out… Read more →

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ New ‘Under the Earth’ Remix Is All About the Trip-Hop

  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are certainly not shy about striking out and trying whatever pleases them whether we’re talking about their you-never-know-what-you’re-gonna-get music to Karen O’s epic fashion sense. That’s why fans shouldn’t be surprised by their wild remix of 2013’s “Under the Earth.” Adding a helluva trip-hip sound to the song, the accompanying video is meant to highlight the… Read more →

Twitter’s 2016 Recap Video Turns the Year Into Art

2016 was a roller-coaster of a year. Plenty of awesome art was created. Plenty of amazing creators were lost. It was certainly a year we won’t soon forget, despite the fact that many may want to. But through it all, we’ve had each other, bohemians. And remembering what we’ve endured this year will make us stronger for the next. Check… Read more →

Beyoncé Releases Video For Lemonade’s “All Night”

Beyoncé’s Lemonade just keeps on giving. While pretty much every song and accompanying video she’s released from the visual album has been an artistic masterpiece (IMHO), the newest offering is just as amazing. Check out the newly released video for “All Night”.   (h/t Paper) Read more →

OK Go’s New “The One Moment” Video Is a Super Slo-Mo Art Explosion

You really need to check out OK Go’s latest video, this time around for their song “The One Moment,” which is from their latest album, Hungry Ghosts (Paracadute/BMG). A 4.2 second art explosion displayed in super slow-mo, it’s pretty much the kind of awesomeness we expect from these guys at this point. Talk about a beautiful disaster! (photo via OK Go) Read more →

Check Out Murs Break a Guinness Record With a 26-Hour Rap Marathon

If you’re looking to check out a mighty feat, then you’ll want to take a peek at #BarsForDays which is all about rapper Murs attempting to break a world record for the longest rap. Using both his own material and that of others, he’s going to try to rap for 26 straight hours. That’s right — over a full day’s worth… Read more →

Art from Andrew Agostino / Montreal, Canada

From Andrew Agostino: Andrew Agostino grew up in Montreal, Canada where he worked for many years as a film and theatre professor, instructional designer and at times, a freelance writer, photographer and corporate videographer. In 2010, he retired from teaching and decided to work full time developing his craft. His passion is to combine and fashion a variety of media and media products… Read more →

Watch This Awesome Time-Lapsed Video of Artists Recreating a Historic Mural

Check out this awesome time-lapsed video showing the recreation of a historic mural by James Wall Finn, who was “one of the finest interior decorative painters in North America” and did work for Tiffany Studios as well as notable names like John Jacob Astor IV, Payne Whitney, J.P. Morgan, and Thomas Fortune Ryan. Via Mental Floss: …a mural of the sky—hung… Read more →

Watch This Wildly Cool Videomural, ‘Inside of Me’

Inside of Me – A Videomural Experience from Philipp Frank on Vimeo. In January 2015 I was looking for a wall to create a new mural. Instead found this abandoned office cupboard and teamed up with my brother. After some days of preparation, sketching and rendering, we borrowed a beamer and just went with the Flow… Inside of me –… Read more →

Watch This Artist Create a Stormtrooper Homer Cake

Stormtrooper Homer from Capture the Moment Media on Vimeo. “In a small kitchen in Vancouver BC, Kylie cooks up the most delicious art piece this side of a galaxy far, far away…” Shot over the course of a week, this short provides an intimate insight into Kylie’s process, and details the extraordinary ability of Vancouver’s premier 3D Cake Designer. Inspired… Read more →

An Afternoon with Frenchies – Animal Art Photography (video)

The following video is a pretty convincing argument for any artist to get into the pet photography field. A behind-the-scenes peek at a portrait shoot at Zoo Studios in Brisbane, the adorableness of the process is only topped by the overwhelming cuteness of the end result. This is short, behind the scenes clip of a french bulldog portrait shoot with… Read more →

Listen to the Song “Pompeii” Sung in the Language of Pompeii

“A song with a title of ancient Roman city deserves a Latin translation,” says Heleen Uytterhoeven which is why she has created a cover of Bastille’s song, Pompeii, in a language closer to what the people of the famous ancient city actually spoke. Not only is it positively lovely, it will help you learn to say things like Sed si tu… Read more →

Listen to What Shakespeare’s Plays Originally Sounded Like

You may think that the language of Shakespearean plays is lovely to listen to, but were you aware that (in a way) we’ve been mispronouncing them for quite a while. As language has evolved, the meaning (or double meaning) behind some of the phrases, not to mention rhymes, have been lost and distorted. For instance, during Shakespeare’s time when “Original Pronunciation”… Read more →

Chemical Brothers and Beck’s New Video Features a Tech-Transforming Dancer

You seriously have to check out this gorgeous new video for Wide Open, the collaboration between Chemical Brothers and Beck. Directed by Dom & Nic and featuring dancer Sonoya Mizuno, the video’s moving choreography is heightened by the technology used which included a full CG model of Mizuno and 107 individual anatomic rigs. The result is definitely worth the effort.… Read more →

Covers: 55 Vintage Book Graphics Set in Motion (video)

Covers from Henning M. Lederer on Vimeo. Covers – A series of 55 animated vintage book graphics How would these great book covers from the past look like when set in motion? Here we go… Animation: Henning M. Lederer / Music: Jörg Stierle / Sources: Julian Montague Project / Book Worship / Read more →

Suaveciclo by Vj Suave: Audiovisual Tricycles Adapted with a Projector, Computer, Speakers (video)

Suaveciclo by Vj Suave from vjsuave on Vimeo. VJ Suave has two audiovisual tricycles adapted with a projector, computer, speakers and batteries. They’re used so that the small narratives with characters and poetry can travel open spaces, lighting the walls on a large scale. The projections illuminate walls, trees, lakes, sidewalks and propose a playful interactivity with the public. With… Read more →

Le mouvement de l’air / The movement of air (video)

Le mouvement de l’air / The movement of air from Adrien M / Claire B. “Le mouvement de l’air” est un spectacle frontal pour trois danseurs évoluant selon une partition chorégraphique dans un environnement immersif constitué d’images projetées, générées et animées en direct. Le propos du spectacle est de donner corps à l’imperceptible : rendre visible l’invisible d’un mouvement d’air,… Read more →

Night Surfing (video)

2015 Video Test Series – Nº1 Night Surfing at Wavegarden from wavegarden on Vimeo. WAVEGARDEN® Night Surfing Experiment Wavegarden, pioneers in man-made wave technology, recently conducted a series of tests at their headquarters in Northern Spain in order to check how its technology can improve different aspects of the surfing experience. The first of such tests focused on surfing at… Read more →

Check out this Quick Glimpse into the Incredible and Gorgeous Process of 3D Printing GLASS (video)

GLASS from Mediated Matter Group on Vimeo. Glass 3D Printing (G3DP) Additive Manufacturing of Optically Transparent Glass developed by the Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media Lab in collaboration with the Glass Lab at MIT. Ancient yet modern, enclosing yet invisible, glass was first created in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt 4,500 years ago. Precise recipes for its production –… Read more →

Projections in the Forest: Gorgeous Video of a Glowing “Bioluminescent Forest” (video)

Projections in the Forest from 3hund on Vimeo. The projection mapping “bioluminescent forest” is made by artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad. The artists spent six weeks in the forest fascinated by the silence and natural occurrences in nature, especially the phenomenon “bioluminescence”. They personified the forest to accentuate the natural beauty by creating luring luminescent plants and glowing… Read more →

AFTERGLOW – Lightsuit Segment: Stunning Footage of Skiing at Night in LED Suits (video)

AFTERGLOW – Lightsuit Segment from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo. From the depth of the creative visuals to the groundbreaking, never-been-done-before scale of the shoot, Afterglow is being hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski movies ever made. Deep pillows and Alaskan spines, all filmed at night, with massive lights, custom made LED suits, and a national governments worth… Read more →

Penguins Mirror: 450 Motorized Stuffed Penguins Moving In Reaction (video)

"Penguins Mirror" (2015) by Daniel Rozin from bitforms gallery on Vimeo. Daniel Rozin “Penguins Mirror”, 2015 450 stuffed animals, motors, control electronics, xbox kinect motion sensor, mac-mini computer, custom software, tin bases dimensions variable “Penguins Mirror” is an installation scattered on the floor and comprised of 450 motorized stuffed animals. Reductive in palette, yet baroque in behavior, it performs an absurdly… Read more →

Gorgeous and Gritty Video Shows How Game of Thrones’ Dragons Come to Life

Whether you’re a fan of Game of Thrones or not, you’ll want to check out this gorgeous and gritty video of how the show’s beautiful and deadly dragons come to life using Emmy-winning VFX. From the mythical yet oh-so-real beasts in flight, fighting, and feeding, the process is just as impressive as the results. I don’t know what’s more impressive:… Read more →

Artist Brent Ray Fraser Paints With His Penis — UPDATED!

Who needs a paintbrush when you have a perfectly good penis at your disposal?! Canadian artist Brent Ray Fraser is willing to strip down and put everything out there for his art. Slathering up his bits with paint and going to town on a giant piece portraying the Queen and Princess Diana, it takes Fraser time, patience, some fancy footwork,… Read more →

Hand Drawn Logos [video]

Hand Drawn Logos from Seb Lester on Vimeo. If you’re interested in anything drawn by hand, logos, font, or just super cool things, then check out this video of Seb Lester’s hand drawn logos of some of the most famous and recognizable brands around. Read more →

Renoir Filmed Painting at Home (1915) [video]

Be sure to watch this rare 1915 footage of renowned impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, sitting in a chair occasionally painting, smoking, and talking to his companions. He looks to be just as much in his element as he might have been as a younger man, however, the difficulties of age are obvious and striking. You may never look at a… Read more →

Music Video from SATE

SATE is the new vehicle of Saidah Baba Talibah, the daughter of Canadian blues great Salome Bey (known as the Empress of Canadian Blues, also an honorary Member of the Order of Canada). SATE has recently released 3 EPs – the Red, Black and Blue EPs through PledgeMusic and is letting fans select 10 songs that will make the final album. You can read… Read more →

Music Video from Tara Baswani

Check out the gorgeous and wonderfully artistic video for Breakdown from Tara Baswani’s debut solo project, Quest:Origins, directed by Virpi Kettu. Tara Baswani is an award winning singer, songwriter and composer. The Indian born artist’s passion for fusing Western contemporary styles like Rock and Soul with World Music traditions defines her unmistakeable vocal and compositional trademark. Her background in the literary… Read more →

Chasing the Muse (TEDx) and Art from Melanie Norris

Melanie Norris is a Johnson City, Tennessee native who now lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. As an abstract portrait painter she uses color and texture to build forms that represent faces and emotions. Though most paintings are done with watercolor on specially primed canvas, layers of oil pigment are worked into many compositions to serve as a visual anchor and contrast of texture.… Read more →