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Listen to What Shakespeare’s Plays Originally Sounded Like

You may think that the language of Shakespearean plays is lovely to listen to, but were you aware that (in a way) we’ve been mispronouncing them for quite a while. As language has evolved, the meaning (or double meaning) behind some of the phrases, not to mention rhymes, have been lost and distorted. For instance, during Shakespeare’s time when “Original Pronunciation”… Read more →

Art from Mike Czuba, Melissa Tuplin – Dancing Monkey Laboratories (@DMlaboratories)

Dancing Monkey Laboratories is a performance collective lead by scientists Mike Czuba, Melissa Tuplin and Nathaniel Schmidt. We are interested in researching, exploring, discovering and deconstructing what (T)heatre can be by creating new works that speak to diverse audiences. Creating new forms, such as the “Night Play”, Dancing Monkey Laboratories is pleased to be following in the footsteps and dreams of… Read more →

Art from Deborah Slater (@DSDT)

Deborah Slater, director, choreographer, performer & teacher, has worked in theater and dance for over 30 years. She is the Artistic Director of Deborah Slater Dance Theater, celebrating 25 years in 2014, and Artistic Director of Studio 210, which turns 35 in 2015. A multi-media dance company, DSDT does visually gorgeous, acrobatic, talking dance, dedicated to the creation of full-length… Read more →