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Banksy’s New Piece is a Brexit-Themed Mural and Reactions Are Mixed

Dover, England. A post shared by Banksy (@banksy) on May 7, 2017 at 6:40am PDT   A new Banksy piece popped up over the weekend and it’s already taking the internet by storm. A large mural on the side of a building on York Street near the A20 in Dover, England, the three-story high work is apparently (and quite obviously) targeting Brexit.… Read more →

Check Out the ‘Graffiti Gals’ of Valencia, Spain

  Take a tour of the city and all of the street art it has to offer with the Graffiti Gals of Valencia, Spain in this short video by Isabella Cuevas Pierson. “[Graffiti is] a way of demonstrating to people that the streets actually speak, that the city is more than just a place. It’s people and the people’s thoughts and… Read more →

‘Kanye Kissing Kanye’ Print Sells for $100,000

Back in March, Austalian artist Scott Marsh created the now-famous ‘Kanye Kissing Kanye’ mural that was seen around the world. The street art that captured the self-proclaimed self-love of the mega-star definitely caught the public’s attention which is why Marsh decided to sell prints of the mural, one which is called ‘Buff Edition’ (showing the image partially buffed out). Marsh put… Read more →

Art from Agent X (@agentxart) / Canada

Agent X, cultural explorer and agent of the unknown, creates experimental, multimedia collages, paintings, and 2D artwork. Described as ‘Pop Art with thought,’ Agent X juxtaposes pop culture, technology, fashion, music, politics, and race in visually complex amalgamations expressing the anxieties of the global, post-modern world and the dark side of consumerist, media-obsessed culture. His work occupies a unique intersection… Read more →

Art from L.Ammirati (@lammiradesign) / Bay Area, California, US

From L.Ammirati: Art is a form of communicating for me; it is how I tell my story. My eye is drawn to color combinations, shapes and pattens that I find in everyday life. I’ve always been sensitive to the abstract, being drawn to the oddities of life and the mixing and matching of patterns and colors. My photography lets others see… Read more →

Art from The Rock Vandals (@rockvandal) / Newfoundland, Canada

The Rock Vandals are a gang of knitters who engage in craftivism and yarn bombing as a form of rural street art. Our aim is to surprise and delight through creative acts in otherwise neglected spaces. The starfish are a craftivism or creative activism project intended to raise awareness of a sunken ship, off the coast of Newfoundland, leaking oil… Read more →

Art from Ellen Mueller (@emueller9)

Ellen Mueller has exhibited nationally and internationally as an interdisciplinary artist exploring the everyday challenge of living with hyperactive news media and corporate management systems. She creates experiences that engage with social and political issues through imagery, performance, and installation. Recent exhibitions include Americana at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis MN and Arrest Me at Punch Gallery in Seattle WA.… Read more →

Banksy in New York (book)

If you couldn’t get enough of Banksy’s time in New York or are just a fan of the artist’s work in general then you’ll want to check out Banksy in New York. Photographer Ray Mock takes you along on his exciting hunt for new Banksy work during the famous Better Out Than In project in his new book Banksy in… Read more →

Art from Anthony Lopez (@chromaanthony)

From Anthony Lopez: I invented Chromastratagraphy. A fine art form that uses photography as a foundation plus the color theory of paint combined with the processes of printmaking. Website – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram   Read more →

Art from Jeanne Ricketts (@jeannericketts)

“Semi-abstract works, mostly visual analogies of the soul’s inscapes perceived as the actual body of anything alive in this world of transient things” Jeanne Abstract expressionist to figurative-pop, Jeanne Ricketts was born in Paris of Scottish-German/Silesian descent, into a lineage of artists, poets, movie-makers and musicians; yet her truly mediterranean contemplative beduin soul made her endure what ever was essential… Read more →

Kidffiti: Harmless Kiddie Street-Art or Fueling Future Vandals?

Kidffiti is sidewalk chalk taken up a notch! It’s called “spray chalk” and looks and acts like spray paint. So, here’s the question: Is it fun family-friendly street-art? Or is it encouraging future vandals…and even drug dealers?! Seriously, this is being suggested… Taking the “broken windows” law enforcement theory to absurd extremes, New York State Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, of Queens, has… Read more →

Art from Capiche (@capicheart)

Capiche (kah-peesh): Interjection [Slang] 1: Do you understand? 2: I understand. Sydney based Capiche is a large scale paste-up artist focused on street culture, social consciousness and positive change. In a world flooded with constant information and entertainment, Capiche’s work goes beyond street art to challenge points of view and provoke social awareness. Currently working in wheat pasting and stencilling,… Read more →

Art from Toni Spyra

In an almost fun way Toni Spyra gives the viewer a thought-provoking impulse. By modifying objects of everyday use the Austrian based, German artist wants to provoke a new point of view concerning the different ways of using everyday things. Spyra creates a sense of familiarity, but also a feel of irritation. At second glance, the viewer is able to… Read more →

Art from Kenji “PythonXMEN” Takabayashi

From Kenji “PythonXMEN” Takabayashi: I studied illustration and fine art at the high school of art and design in NYC from 79-82 but that’s also where I discovered graffiti. From 1981-1988 I was very active on the IND lines, especially the A train. My graffiti helped me land a corporate design job, which I held for 14 years until I… Read more →

Art from DAAS

DAAS is a Japan based American contemporary artist, widely known for his bold, colorful, geometric paintings and murals. Drawing inspiration from the interplay between chaos and control, he synthesizes line, geometric shapes, rich textures and vivid colors to produce work that uses both representational and abstract elements to create recognizable forms such as humans, animals and insects. Website – Twitter… Read more →

Art from Girolamo Sans Giannatempo

From Girolamo Sans Giannatempo: G&Sans is a collection of ideas and personal projects. G&Sans is a contamination. G&Sans is my trademark. G&Sans is a self-publishing label. G&Sans is a virus. G&Sans is a collective. G&Sans is sharing. G&Sans is participation. G&Sans is research. G&Sans is indivisible. G&Sans is all. G&Sans is nothing. My name is Girolamo Giannatempo. I’am a 27 year… Read more →

Dieynaba Sidibe is Senegal’s First Female Graffiti Artist

Dieynaba Sidibe is considered Senegal’s first female graffiti artist. “It was war,” recalls Sidibe of the hard-fought years when she went against her parents’ wishes to follow her passion. “Society has created a place for women, and when you try and go outside of that, there’s a problem.” Despite the pushback, she continued painting and, after turning 18, moved on… Read more →

Gif from Mobstr: The Story

Mobstr‘s street art, The Story, is a back-and-forth creation between the artist and those tasked with painting it over. Check out the gif above for the entire story or head over to Mobstr’s website. Read more →