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Pussy Riot Will Be Performing at Art Basel Miami Beach… at an Exclusive, Invite-Only Event

Though Pussy Riot has made their name via subversive political performances, the Russian group of artists and activists are currently in the States to (among other things) take the stage at Art Basel. And though in this current volatile political environment the group may be expected to pull off something spectacularly significant, it’s sorta strange that they’re participating in an… Read more →

Suaveciclo by Vj Suave: Audiovisual Tricycles Adapted with a Projector, Computer, Speakers (video)

Suaveciclo by Vj Suave from vjsuave on Vimeo. VJ Suave has two audiovisual tricycles adapted with a projector, computer, speakers and batteries. They’re used so that the small narratives with characters and poetry can travel open spaces, lighting the walls on a large scale. The projections illuminate walls, trees, lakes, sidewalks and propose a playful interactivity with the public. With… Read more →

Art from Louveau (@mlouveau) / Paris, France

Muriel Louveau, born in Brittany, is a French composer, performance-maker, and singer. Muriel began performing age Five and went on to study the history of art and literature. She refers to her compositions as contemporary medieval music inspired by ancient european music, and creates her own imaginary language. “my songs drive us into a cosmopolitan space and time somewhere at the crossroad… Read more →

Le mouvement de l’air / The movement of air (video)

Le mouvement de l’air / The movement of air from Adrien M / Claire B. “Le mouvement de l’air” est un spectacle frontal pour trois danseurs évoluant selon une partition chorégraphique dans un environnement immersif constitué d’images projetées, générées et animées en direct. Le propos du spectacle est de donner corps à l’imperceptible : rendre visible l’invisible d’un mouvement d’air,… Read more →

Artist Brent Ray Fraser Paints With His Penis — UPDATED!

Who needs a paintbrush when you have a perfectly good penis at your disposal?! Canadian artist Brent Ray Fraser is willing to strip down and put everything out there for his art. Slathering up his bits with paint and going to town on a giant piece portraying the Queen and Princess Diana, it takes Fraser time, patience, some fancy footwork,… Read more →

Art from Kodama Swan

Kodama Swan was Born in 1989 in a family composed of artist, in Paris. Fascinated by the artistic world at an early age, he began letting his creativity express while he was still very young. The Literary world in which he is immersed will develop his love of reading and the Eiji Yoshikawa’s books will give rise to a feeling… Read more →

Art from Marjan Buning

Born 1977, artist lives and works in Groningen, the Netherlands. Marjan Buning makes (large scale) installations containing drawings, photography and poetry. All put together to compose one work. She works on different projects at the same time such as: The Alien roadtrip photocomic series. Website     Read more →

Art from Haley Craw (@AdorableMammal)

Haley Craw is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Calgary. Her practice takes the form of sculpture, installation and an expanded interpretation of “drawing”. Using elements from the personal and the political, the emotional and intellectual, and the beautiful and abject, her work focuses on deconstructing binaries constructed through ideology and reinforced through society that oppress and simplify female sexuality,… Read more →

Artist, Filmmaker, and Former MIT Professor Gets a Year in Prison for Bank Robbery He Called Performance Art

Performance art that (arguably) crosses the line is common enough and venturing into illegal territory is nothing new. However artist, filmmaker, and former MIT professor Joe Gibbons leapt right over that line and it has landed him firmly in jail. In his 2005 avant-garde movie “Confessions of a Sociopath,” the filmmaker and performance artist Joe Gibbons stares into the camera and announces… Read more →

Dance Art from Ania Catherine

Ania Catherine is a dance artist, choreographer, and creative movement director based in Los Angeles. She has over 19 years of training in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, tap, and modern dance. She studied at several studios throughout the Southern California area as well as with the Joffrey Ballet through their Summer Intensive Program. Her dance education eventually led… Read more →